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A sharing from the farm! Tredje søndag i advent + Winter Course and KAL Update!

Greetings from the farm!

Så tenner vi tre lys i kveld, for lengsel, håp og glede

De står og skinner for seg selv og oss som er tilstede

Så tenner vi tre lys i kveld for lengsel, håp og glede

(Tonight we light three candles, three candles for longing, hope and joy!

They stand there shinning for all of us, here, together.

So tonight we light three candles, we light them for longing, hope and joy!)

There is much information to share this week, from the farm!

But first - it is such a busy time of the year, so to begin with, I want to share a delicious, nutritious, warm winter soup recipe with you.

Soups are a staple of village farms, this time of year in Norway.

They highlight the autumn crops and bountiful harvest.

They are served with crusty, whole grain bread and fresh butter.

This recipe is a favourite of mine and I have adapted it to be plant based.

Soups and stews are the perfect option for "middag" (dinner) on the farm at this time of year - with so much baking and all of the juleforbredelser - (preparations for the Christmas) that must be completed - for example the julevask (Christmas wash)....which I have started this weekend! :/

I hope you are taking the time to slow down and nurture your body to maintain your energy - taking good care during this busy time of year.

Creamy Cauliflower Soup
Download PDF • 78KB

Upcoming Traditional Winter Courses

Registration for my upcoming winter courses will be slightly delayed, as I finalize the many details and update my website platform.

There will be a specific post, or announcement here on my blog when registration is OPEN:

Here is an UPDATED overview of my winter course offerings -

All winter courses will begin mid to late January.

The courses are presented visually, pre-recorded within the Virtual Classroom, written notes are presented on the participant BLOG and live facilitation is offered during weekly

Zoom Check-in support sessions.

To engage fully with the content of the course, one must be prepared to take part in all aspects of the course offerings.

If you want to see photos of the garments that I mention below, you can have a look at previous, public posts here on my BLOG by scrolling back, do a google search of the name of the piece or check them out via my Instagram account @p4chen.

Previous posts also include planning guides for each piece.

A planning guide provides you with all of the information regarding sizing, wool and material preparation.

The Norwegian wool, traditional buttons, woollen ribbon and woollen thread can all be purchased within my farm shop HERE

Please do contact me directly if you need support to put together your course yarn kit.

The beginner/intermediate kofte course in which we will be knitting the Agnes Kofte (beginner) and Rundt i Dalen (intermediate)

The pattern for the Agnes Kofte will be purchased, at a discount, in addition to course registration.

The pattern for Rundt i Dalen can only be found with the newly published Wiola Strikk og Bruk book, which must be purchased within my farm shop.

You can find a link to that book HERE

Although you will have the possiblity to knit both pieces during the course, if you are new to my traditional Norwegian garment courses, I recommend that you begin with the Agnes Kofte.

For those that have purchased the Wiola book, I will be offering a plus (+) module within this course, in which I will support us to knit the Selma or Rakel selection within the book.

I will share addtional information regarding the plus (+) module once we get started and settled within the course.

The book is in Norwegian, only presented within English via my winter courses.

The beginner/intermediate course will support you to use tradtional, historic technqiues and apply them to a modern Norwegian design. A unique opportunity in collaboration with

the designer Wiola.

The advanced kofte course in which we will be knitting Oddvars peneste kofte and the Nordfjord jakke - this course is only available to participants that have completed my basic Traditional Norwegian garment courses (preferably two).

These pieces will require all of the basic and intermediate traditional knitting skills, as they are more challenging, tailored pieces.

The advanced kofte course allows us to apply traditional, historic techniques to a modern restoration heirloom garment in collaboration with Kofteboken.

Addtional offerings:

By request, I am organizing to offer the Dale kofte as an addtional special module during late winter. I will share information regarding this course once we get started with the winter courses.

Traditional Norwegian Plukkebånd Course

During the winter months, I will be offering Module 2 (intermediate) of my band weaving course.

If you are interested in Module 1, the beginner module - please email me directly to join my wait list.

Holiday KAL

This year I will once again be offering my holiday KAL.

Full of sharing and inspiration!

An introductory gatherting for the Holiday KAL will take place on December 19th.

I will share a specific post for the KAL during the coming week, with a link to register to join in with the fellowship on the 19th and during Norwegian "romjul" - which begins on December 26th.

If you have any wonders or addtional questions, please do leave those within the comments below.

Gledelig advent!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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