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Advanced Kofte Course - Open Registration + Participant Information - Velkommen

Oddvars peneste kofte


Greetings from the farm!

Godt nytt år!

If you are eligible, today you can register to participte in the winter Advanced Kofte Course.

Course registration includes access to 2 specific advanced garments - Oddvars peneste kofte + Nordfjordjakke

Before registering, it is important to carefully read through all information presented and to agree to the course offering and the essential agreements (policies).

I will expect with registration that you have read all information carefully.

*If you register without eligibility, your registration will be suspended without refund.

See course aggrements below.

The course will officially begin on the weekend of January 29th - with introductory information, the week before - beginning January 22nd.

Course patterns are included within the registration fees.

During the course introduction, I will offer guidance for the perfect fit; measurement support, as you begin to choose your size and help you to create your *gauge swatches following the traditional Norwegian approach.

*Please plan to work on your swatches the week before January 29th, ready for our cast on lessons.

I will also provide the Norwegian language translations needed and support you to establish your knitting bag book during this introductory week.

A knitting bag book is a small journal or notebook in which you will keep technique notes and historical references during the course.

It will also help you to save time returning to shared information on the website platform.

A knitting bag book is highly recommended for use during the course.

All course notifications will be sent to you via email.

Please look for the heading Advanced Kofte Course

These notifications will contain information that will be important for your participation within the course, to engage fully.

Please follow this link, if you need a review to help you acclimate yourself to navigate the course platform.

In everything, please keep in mind that I run a small farm and this is a small website platform, which I maintain completely on my own.

My offerings are not commercial enterprises - but rather, an in depth, hands-on, rich experience - founded on local traditions and historic, Norwegian, textile crafts, from my home in the Selbu region of Norway.

Norsk ADVANCED Kofte Course

Course begins at the end of January (through winter)


*This course requires completion of the basic Kofte course(s)

Participants must use and apply basic techniques, which will not be repeated.

Kofte Choice 1 – Oddvars peneste kofte

Kofte Choice 2 – Nordfjordjakke

*Patterns are included within registration

Receive full English pattern translation support

Planning Guide pdf documents provided

Work at your own pace/own schedule during course

Participants are required to keep notes and pace with all information shared

Full access to course platform (during and after course completion)

Weekly Live Zoom Check-ins – recommended to engage fully

Meaningful in depth, supplementary video instruction

Specific advanced historic technique tutorials from the Selbu region of Norway

Written supplementary course notes – participant BLOG

Measurement, gauge/fitting support

Stranded knitting guidance

Norwegian Wool is required within course – purchased or stash wool

Traditional Norwegian buttons are available for purchase

Finishing lessons – all pieces are finished by hand

Traditional woollen ribbons will be handwoven or purchased

Woollen thread is required for hand sewing during finishing

Explorations of Norwegian knitting terminology, culture, and language

Global KAL Community

Essential Agreement (policy) for all participants:

Registration to the traditional Norwegian Advanced Kofte Course is binding. The course is not refundable after purchase, no exceptions. It is the responsibility of the user to read all course information before registration.

This is a course for intermediate/advanced level garment knitters. I expect that you will be an experienced, traditional, stranded knitter with two colours, within this course.

Instruction will be given from the point of view of holding your yarn in both hands, English style, throwing.

It is the responsibility of the participant to engage fully with all course content. Attending Zoom support check ins, keeping pace with all notes and information shared and provided – oral, written, and visual - and applying all previous basic tradtional kofte techniques independently, using prior course content to support as needed.

You will have full access to course content (basic + advanced) at your leisure during and at the completion of the course by logging in to the online classroom platform, as long as I am able to maintain my farm website.

I will support and help with technical difficulties to the best of my ability. However, I am not responsible for incompatible devices used to gain access to the course, lost passwords or other password and log in difficulties.

Please always contact me directly with any wonders or questions –

If you have read and understand the essential agreements of this course, you can now register and proceed to the registration page.

Please scroll to the very bottom of the page!


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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I have signed up and I can’t wait to start! I love your classes. I have learned so much from you!


Hi Patricia,

I just wanted to let you know that I have loved all the courses that I took with you last year. I learned so much and have produced a beautiful kofte, mittens and socks. I wish I was a faster knitter! But I have so many unfinished or not yet started projects, I think I would add to my stress by starting a new one, no matter how much I want to. So I will focus on all the other things, including your forest path hap which I have had the wool for, but still haven’t started.

I‘m hoping to join you next year for another beautiful kofte course. Thank you for your patient teaching and sharing of…


Jan 03, 2022

I am so excited to participate in this course! Thank you Patricia for all the work you put into these amazing courses. Not sure where I will find the time to knit everything but I don’t want to miss an opportunity to learn from you! I am sure i will find lots of inspiration in this amazing community


Jan 03, 2022

So excited to participate in this advanced course.

The Oddvars kofte is so beautiful !

I'm thrilled that Patricia will be teaching us the advanced techniques

needed to successfully make this stunning kofte.

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