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Advanced Kofte Course - Open Registration + Participant Information - Velkommen

Oddvars peneste kofte


Greetings from the farm!

Godt nytt år!

If you are eligible, today you can register to participte in the winter Advanced Kofte Course.

Course registration includes access to 2 specific advanced garments - Oddvars peneste kofte + Nordfjordjakke

Before registering, it is important to carefully read through all information presented and to agree to the course offering and the essential agreements (policies).

I will expect with registration that you have read all information carefully.

*If you register without eligibility, your registration will be suspended without refund.

See course aggrements below.

The course will officially begin on the weekend of January 29th - with introductory information, the week before - beginning January 22nd.

Course patterns are included within the registration fees.

During the course introduction, I will offer guidance for the perfect fit; measurement support, as you begin to choose your size and help you to create your *gauge swatches following the traditional Norwegian approach.

*Please plan to work on your swatches the week before January 29th, ready for our cast on lessons.

I will also provide the Norwegian language translations needed and support you to establish your knitting bag book during this introductory week.

A knitting bag book is a small journal or notebook in which you will keep technique notes and historical references during the course.

It will also help you to save time returning to shared information on the website platform.