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Advanced Selbu Mitten Course

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Hello everyone!

On Saturday, January 9th - my Advanced Selbuvotter Course will launch.

I wanted to share the course outline with you, in advance.

In this way, you have an idea of the content we will explore together during this course.

The course instruction will begin on February 6th and run for 8 to 10, but possibly 12 weeks.

I do not want to set an exact end time, so that we have plenty of time to explore the course content that I have planned.

The registration fee is $58 US dollars.

In the weeks prior to the start of the course, I will introduce you to the pattern I will knit to demonstrate within the course and the pattern guidelines. You will have the option to follow along with the course pattern or choose your own pattern within these guidelines.

We will have approximately 3 to 4 weeks now to decide on our patterns and organize our materials.

Advanced Selbu Mitten Course

  • From A to Å - finished mittens

  • Follow course pattern or pattern of your choice (within guidelines)

  • Self-paced instruction

  • Full access to course content within your own schedule

  • Manageable pace and meaningful practice

  • Facilitation and support throughout

  • Review and build on basic skills with advanced technique

  • Course will follow historic gauge and needle sizes

  • Written course notes to support visual demonstrations

  • Explore adjusting Selbu patterns for different sizes.

  • Understand how to use the Selbuvotter book

  • Explore designing your own historic mittens

  • Support to chart and to create your design

  • Special Zoom – "Book Share"- Traditional Norwegian Mitten Book Resources

  • Selbu Wedding Knitting Traditions/Wedding Mittens

  • In depth history and storytelling

  • Explore Selbu style mittens (KAL to knit a second pair)

  • Getting to know the work of the Norwegian Mitten Guild (Vottelauget)

  • Live Zoom Check-ins

  • Live Workshops – Technique demonstrations and extensions

  • KAL Community Support

  • Mitten Parade – Prize Draw (Depending on the Covid situaion, I will go back to the Selbu Museum, to interview and talk with Solveig again within this course.)

Please do leave your questions, wonders or any feedback regarding the course outline, within the comments below.

I would appreciate very much if you would share the opportunity of this course with any interested, experienced knitters within your knitting circles.


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Hi Patricia, if I would like to knit your mittens, the one that you suggest, what kind of yarn is best regarding gauche?


Jan 09, 2021

Hi Patricia!

I’m so excited to participate in this advanced class! Especially to learn how to customize sizes & design as my 3 year old granddaughter is asking for mittens like mine ❤️


Hi Patricia - looking forward to this! I was flipping through my Selbuvotter book today thinking about designing a pair :)




Jan 07, 2021

Ah yes! That was for the basic course. No worries! :)


Thank you. someone said they had registered so naturally I went looking :)

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