Comprehensive Stranded Knitting Course

REGISTRATION is now open!

The course begins on February 19th.

This course will be ongoing and I will not set an end date at this time.

Mastery is our aim!

You will engage in the course content at your leisure and within your own schedule, via

the Stranded Knitting Virtual Classroom.

You will have full access to the course as needed.

I will facilitate, support and encourage you to modify and refine your skills

throughout via several weekly Zoom Live Check-ins

There will also be written notes on the Stranded Knitting participant BLOG.

Once you register, please make sure you review the How to access and navigate the course content via this link under the Online Course tab.

Please do make sure you read the registration policies carefully during purchase.

Course Content:

  • Technique inclusive traditional pattern - included within your registration

  • Understanding colour dominance

  • Holding yarn in two hands

  • Anchoring technique - tension