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Comprehensive Stranded Knitting Course

REGISTRATION is now open!

The course begins on February 19th.

This course will be ongoing and I will not set an end date at this time.

Mastery is our aim!

You will engage in the course content at your leisure and within your own schedule, via

the Stranded Knitting Virtual Classroom.

You will have full access to the course as needed.

I will facilitate, support and encourage you to modify and refine your skills

throughout via several weekly Zoom Live Check-ins

There will also be written notes on the Stranded Knitting participant BLOG.

Once you register, please make sure you review the How to access and navigate the course content via this link under the Online Course tab.

Please do make sure you read the registration policies carefully during purchase.

Course Content:

  • Technique inclusive traditional pattern - included within your registration

  • Understanding colour dominance

  • Holding yarn in two hands

  • Anchoring technique - tension

  • Introducing a new colour

  • Maintaining and achievning an even tension - even gauge

  • Catching floats

  • Reading charts, recognizing pattern repeats

  • Correcting mistakes along

  • "Blocking as you go" technique

  • Facilitation and guidance throughout the course

  • Finishing techniques

  • Live Zoom Check ins and visual technique demonstrations - several times each week

  • Individual modifications to help refine your personal tension needs

  • Participant BLOG notes and updates (written)

Project Information/Materials List:

I have designed a traditional Norwegian "hals" (cowl, neckwarmer) specifically for this course, which includes all of the stranded knitting skills and techniques you need to learn, practice and master stranded knitting.

You will be able to download the pattern two days before the course begins.

I will post an update on the Stranded Knitting participant BLOG when and how to download.

You will need:

3 skeins of Rauma Finullgarn - Norwegian wool or the equivalent.

Rauma Finullgarn has a gauge of 26 stitches = 10 cm (3.0 mm)

It comes in 50 gram balls = 175 meters

Please note! If you knit the larger sizes of the cowl, additional yarn can be needed.

The original design is fully tech edited, but the larger sizes are untested.

Original Design:

I am suggesting 1 ball each of a dark and light, natural shade + 1 ball with a pop of colour.

The dark colour is used for the ribbing and a motif. The light colour is used for

the background and the pop of colour is also used within the design motif.

I have used 405 Dark Grey, 403 Light Grey + Muted Red 4131

You will need a 40 cm or 60 cm circular needle.

Please note: The needle sizes below are only a recommendation.

You must use the a needle size to obtain gauge.

Needle Guage Size

2,5 mm 28 sts 60 cm (original design)

3,0 mm 26 sts 65 cm

3,5 mm 24 sts 70 cm

Be welcome!


If you would like to join this course, please use the link below to register:

I always welcome your questions, wonders or feedback!

Please leave those within the comments below.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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