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Farm Update! Big Changes + Spring - "Choose Your Own Path" Genser Course Gentle Reminder

Greetings from the farm and snowy, snowy Nidelven!

Big Changes + a gentle reminder

As we move toward spring and the beginning of a new course offering, I am making a HUGE change with regard to all communications in connection to my little farm website - including;

  • email notifications,

  • course notifications,

  • all website and farm updates,

  • direct support communications,

  • live check in session dates, times, links and passwords

  • Make-a-long offerings

Just to name a few of the communication notifications, I wish to streamline.

As of this weekend, I am moving all communications and updates from my website into one, FREE app.

An app that will allow me to post all website and virtual classroom updates, information, inspiration, offer direct support, and share many free, bonus offerings from the farm,

all in one place!

I have already contacted all Epic Make-a-long participants and those that have registered for the spring course thus far, to download the app, log in and settle in.

In preparation for our first gathering tomorrow evening (February 19th) and for our February MAL check in on February 26th.

I have already posted the time, direct link and password for our first CYOP genser course gathering tomorrow evening, (February 19th), at which we will celebrate Fastelavn, and the official start of our spring course.

Spring Genser Course + Epic MAL participants should have received an email app invitation.

I will be contacting traditional band weaving participants soon!

If you have not received the information explaining the update, asking you to log into the

Knitography Farm Virtual Classroom Information + Support area contact me directly.

I have some very special sharings for all course and MAL participants, which I will be posting, as a thank you for transitioning into the app, and understanding the need to make this important change.

I promise, once you are logged in, using the app is simple.

It is a basically like texting on your phone and reading a message board.

Knitography Farm community members will have all of the information needed, organized in one place, right at your fingertips!

And, when I am not asleep, I will always be available to answer questions, clarify, or offer active course support.

I will be just a quick text away!

Updates here will seem few and far between, and it is going to seem very quiet via email, going forward.

But here on my little website - behind the scenes, within my farm shop, and within our virtual classroom everything will still be HAPPENING and active.

Speaking of which - if you are interested in joining into the Spring "Choose Your Own Path" Genser (pullover/jumper) course...registration is now OPEN.

You can read additional information and find the direct registration link HERE

Join us! Won't you? Velkommen!


If you have additional wonders, or if you need specific support, contact me directly via email.

I will support you fully.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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