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"Flash Sale" on Rauma Garn + Farm Updates!

Hello everyone!

This week I am having a HUGE "FLASH SALE" on Rauma Garn - Rauma Finullgarn and Rauma Gammelserie garn within my farm shop.

All of this wool has been freshly milled for my Traditional Norwegian Knitting Courses since the end of January. This sale includes the final inventory, with many beautiful colours to choose from and will be a real savings for you.

Please note:

  • With every purchase, I will do my best to combine and prioratise the lot numbers within each order...but as these lots were dyed consecutively, just for me, I cannot guarantee that all of the lot numbers will be exactly the same within one colour.

  • Each colour has a limited number of stock

  • If you order over 2 kilograms of wool, I will have to contact you for the addtional shipping, as my farm shop cannot calculate the true cost of shipping for this quanity.

Selbu Summer KAL

This SALE is also the perfect opportunity to stock up for the "Selbu Summer" mitten knit along that I am hosting here on my BLOG.

We will be knitting, exploring and learning the techniques of Selbu "style" mittens during the summer.

This is a casual knit along that I will facilitate and anyone with interest can join us!

You will be able to sign up with your participation for that KAL soon!

It is also the last opportunity to purchase the new mitten pamphlet by Nina Granlund Sæther at a considerable discount. Per request, I have listed this pamphlet once again within my farm shop. We will use this pamplet during the KAL, among other resources and patterns.

For those of you that purchase Nina's new mitten pamphlet...please note that I will support with a Zoom Norwegian vocabulary sesson on Sunday, May 16th.

If you are interested in the Selbu Summer Traditional Knitting Course you can

read more about that course and previous updates HERE - just scroll down a bit.

You can register here: Selbugenser Spring/Summer Course

and purchase your course materials HERE

Finally! Don't miss out on our special guest and music event on Sunday, May 2nd!

I will be sharing the historic baking lesson with all participants, ready for baking on Saturday, in good time to prepare for Sunday!

You can find the information for the event by clicking the link below. This will take you to

the registration and the recipe!

Participants and guests are welcome!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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