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Knitography Farm - 2024 - Traditional Guild Update!

Greetings from the farm, Velkommen members and sponsors to the Traditional Guild offering for 2024, near and far! Tusen hjertelig takk for your support, encouragement, and belief in my work here on the farm, and the importance of traditional Norwegian handicraft - following the old farm wheel calendar.

Today is the last day register participation for this season of making. In a creative process, the maker is in a direct dialogue with the materials, their surroundings and with time. How then are we affected by the past and our thoughts about the future? A large part of our Traditional Guild aims will be to build a community where members can share, explore, create, inspire, and answer this and other important questions in collaboration. We will investigate a wide range of topics, and further develop the phases of our traditional hand making journeys, from a sustainable, historic perspective. Grounding and connecting them firmly into a practical, meaningful, modern approach. While exploring a wide range of historic techniques, we will not only gain knowledge, but a unique insight into the rich variety of traditional Norwegian handwork approaches

and how they are connected.

We will immerse ourselves in these traditional skills and approaches throughout the year,

and we will experience the joy of creating and celebrating the development and mastery of historic handiwork, following the purposeful seasons of making in beautiful fellowship! Velkommen skål du være! Som vi gleder oss! Warmest regards to the farm, Patricia x

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