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Knitography Farm - Community Check in! Wednesday - August 31st - 20:00

Greetings from the farm,

I simply HAD to show you the beauty of the heather growing in the forest!

With each passing day, it feels more and more like høst (autumn) here on the mountain.

A window of opportunity has arisen for us to have another community check in tomorrow night.

So, I have decided to take advantage of this and host another gathering for traditional garment knitting, for band weaving OR just for fellowship.

For those of you keeping up with your knitting bag book routines, it is time for us to begin our reflections for August and start our September rituals.

If anyone is interested, we can have a chat about a new season of reflection and practice.

Also, if anyone would like to share their thoughts on their reading of The Pocket - I would so enjoy hearing your thoughts AND if you would like to have another read along for September?

I would be very pleased to host another read along!

Do let me know!

I have finished my pocket project and look forward to an exciting pocket REVEAL! :)

Thank you to everyone that contacted me about the Tronder version of Stølsvatn kofte!

Let us have a chat about upcoming offerings and events here on the farm in late autumn and early winter.

If you have the possiblity to join in tomorrow, Velkommen!

You can register your participation HERE

Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia

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I would love to hear about the updates and be able to visit. However I work unfortunately with this time zone. Is there any other way to get this information like will there be a blog post soon hopefully.

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