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Knitography Farm - January 2024 Updates! - Godt Nytt År!

Greetings from the farm og Godt nytt år!!!

Today I would like to share with you several updates from the farm!

2024 will bring with it a variety of exciting new offerings and traditional håndverk explorations.

In addition to expanding my work within the co-op, shepherding, growing and promoting Traditional Norwegian heritage wool and facilitating local guild offerings.

This month begins the 2024 Traditional Guild Offering with two membership options within our community.

Guild membership will be the best of everything that I can offer, connected to traditional, Norwegian handiwork!

I am also thrilled to finally have the opportunity to open up an official, certified Husflidsrom - offering individual, traditional handwork support, as needed at your convenience!

This year will find me getting back to my traditional roots, offering a variety of in depth, traditional courses from the Selbu, Trøndelag region of Norway.

Specifically from a traditional, historic foundation and perspective.

Including advanced votter, vanter, sokker and traditional garments - and of course,

Traditional band weaving offerings.

If you are interested in joining into the 2024 Traditional Guild Offering

You can carefully read through that offering and the membership options here:

If you are in need of certified, expert support outside of an active can request that support at any time.

Velkommen into the Husflidsrom!

You can read about that offering here:

I will announce late winter/early spring Traditional Course offerings during late January/early February.

Plus a few other surprises, as well!

Velkommen skal du være! Also! collaboration with my local mill, I will finally be able to host an amazing farm shop, January inventory flash sale!

Stay tuned for these, and what I hope will be inspirational farm updates to come! I wish you alt godt! Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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