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Knitography Farm's Holiday MAL 2022 - Open Registration - Rom for alle!

Greetings from the farm og Gledelig Advent!

Registration for this year's charity, holiday, make along is now officially open.

This year's MAL will once again support the work of Kirken's Bymisjonen in Trondheim, Norway - the Trøndelag region, and my local branch of this organisation.

I will explain during the MAL how you can offer your generous support to make a donation, in lieu of your participation.

This year I have registered the Knitography Farm Holiday MAL 2022 as an official event. When you register to participate, you will confirm your understanding that this event and your participation is for charitable purposes - a non-profit event.

After the event, I will post the total amount of event fundraising and the official transaction

documents made directly to Kirkens Bymisjonen for transparency and for tax purposes.

All of my offerings within this year's make-a-long between Sunday, November 27th through to Saturday December 31st will go directly to the work of Kirkens Bymisjonen.

And, I have much to share within the realm of traditional, historic, village farm making!

One of the important "slagord" or slogan's of the Bymisjonen is "Rom for alle" - room for everyone!

With that, I wish you more than anything, Velkommen! Be welcome!

It would mean a lot to me if you would take a moment to read the full mission statement for this powerful charitable work, which is presented in English.

By doing so, you will have a deeper understanding of why I offer my time each year, during the holidays to host this MAL.

You can read this mission statement HERE

We will meet together for the Holiday MAL for the first time this evening.

Bring your current project, a warm beverage and an open heart.

We will gather together to relax for awhile in fellowship.


Sunday, November 27th at 20:00 (8 PM) CET winter time

World Clock - Oslo, Norway

Register your participation via the link below.

You will receive links and passwords to log in, in good time, before we gather together for any live session.


  • I will keep the registration for the MAL open until November 30th.

  • Once you register your participation, you will be registered for the duration of the MAL. If at any time you wish to be removed from the MAL email list, you must contact me directly.

  • I will provide advanced notice of all "live" events for planning purposes.

  • Other offerings and sharings will be posted or notifications will be emailed directly to you. This will allow you to engage in the offerings at your own convenience.

  • The official page for the Holiday MAL 2022 can be found HERE - All updates, and sharing will be posted there. All registered participants will receive full access to the MAL homepage.

You can register your participation in the Knitography Farm Charity, Holiday MAL 2022 HERE

A final message for long time, active participants within the Knitography Farm Community

And finally, tonight during our first is traditional to light the first candle of Advent for happiness.

But this evening, I will be lighting the first candle for Laura Bergeron - @laurab97211

Laura was an active member of our community and I considered her a dear Friend.

Laura won her brave battle with breast cancer two years ago.

She was a participant in my traditional course offerings from the very beginning, while at the same time going through chemo.

But sadly, and unexpectedly, they recently discovered that the cancer had returned into her bones and she died in her sleep on the evening of November 9th.

Laura was an active participant in every course and most recently knitting the Ingrid genser, within the mini course I shared.

She emailed me in early autumn that she was feeling a bit under the weather and had gotten a bit behind with the sessions and techniques.

I was supporting her to catch up and move forward with her genser. For some time we were emailing back and forth.

Her dearest Friend, also married to her cousin, shared with me yesterday that she kept her traditional making close until the very last day.

I want to take a moment this evening to honour Laura.

She was so very kind and supportive towarp me.

Enthusiastic about every single course and traditional garment we have made together.

She was a beautiful maker and a dear Friend.

She will be sorely missed.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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