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Knitography Farm's Holiday MAL -2023 Småstrikk Juleverksted!

Greetings from the farm, After a very eventful autumn here on the farm, early winter arrives...and we embrace this new season. The farm is dusted with the first light snowfall, the sheep are shorn and another batch of wool has been sorted ready to be taken down to the mill. It is the time of year to slow down, rest, enjoy the warmth of the fire and embrace a slower pace, with more time to make and to create! Bringing a year's worth of ideas and sketches in the forest to life! Many of which I will be sharing during this year's holiday MAL event. A juleverksted or holiday workshop! It is that time of year in Norway, to gather together on village farms or local village centres to socialize, enjoy the tastes of the season and to make small gifts, with great love. Christmas workshops and holiday markets in Norway are simply magical! They truly reflect the season within Scandinavia. This year, I will host a småstrikk juleverksted, with what I hope will be something for everyone! From knitting, to crocheting, to slow stitching - with other folk art activities mixed in! I will be hosting it along on the Knitography Farm app platform and via Zoom. Registration for this year's little farm småstrikk juleverksted event will begin on Wednesday, November 29th. We will make a start on December 1st, continuing through until December 17th - the third Sunday in advent. I will be settling everyone in and onto the platform November 30th. The $32 US dollar registration covers access to the platform, all fees and taxes (paypal/patterns) and a donation to our local Bymisjonen I am giving my time, designs/restoration work, demonstrating and hosting this event freely, in support of the Bymisjonen's projects and their important work in 2024. As most of you know, my husband and I are engaged and active participants each month at our local Bymisjonen in Trondheim, Norway. If you are currently NOT an active participant on the Knitography Farm app platform and you are interested in joining into the 2023 holiday Småstrikk Juleverksted... Please email me directly via Your email will be forwarded to me via my accountant. I will add your name to the list of interested participants. You will then receive, via email, direct links to register. Once registered, you will receive an invitation to the closed, secure server to join the Knitography farm app platform. If you are currently a participant on the app platform, participating in an active course -

registration links and all of the information you need will be shared with you on the platform on November 29th. You will register and I will settle you into the event on the 30th! Velkommen! to this year's holiday MAL! I am bursting with inspiration and as always, have much to share! Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia x

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