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Knitography Farm's Påske Palooza Participation Update! + Last day to register!

Greetings from the farm,

A gentle reminder that today is the last day to register to participate in this year's

Påske Palooza event!

With interest, you can read shared information around this event


Within these links, you will find all of the information needed to register your participation to join into this very exciting, mysterious Easter MAL.

Including information for the mysterious MAL knitted piece, which we will all knit together from our luxurious stash of yarns, and the details for the in-depth study --- which we will explore around a specific traditional Norwegian "småstrikk" item, during this season of spring and påske.

A study that will be presented, daily, from a modern and a historic --- old, village farm perspective.

It is also the last day to purchase the Påske Palooza, mystery, material parcel - offered to support the in-depth "småstrikk" study.

You can read about this mysterious, surprise parcel HERE

For those of you that have already registered your participation, you will receive the official invitation, via email, to join the event on the Knitography Farm Virtual Classroom, Information and Support platform, app - tomorrow.

All of the information needed to settle yourself onto the platform, will be contained within this email invitation.

Including the information and materials to join into the Påske Palooza kick off event on Friday, March 31st.

If you have additional wonders, or if you are in need of specific support, please leave a comment down below.

All communications around my work here on the farm and all of my offerings now take place here on my farm website or via the app.

Velkommen skal du være

Det er bare å glede seg!

Warmest regards from the farm,


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I went to sign up and it says sale is over. ☹️

Mar 29, 2023
Replying to

Hei! I am sorry for this inconvenience I had to reset the end time...our clocks moved forward here this past weekend in Europe and it was not calibrated correctly. You are welcome to register now!


I love these vintage påske pictures 🐥 ♥️

Mar 29, 2023
Replying to

They are from the national archive....1950s! xxx

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