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Knitography Farm's Romjul (Session 2) Holiday, Charity MAL- Dec 28th - January 6th Open Registration

Greetings from the farm,

Today I am officially opening Session 2 of my Holiday, Charity MAL event.

This session will begin from today, December 28th through to Friday, January 6th.

Please note and read all information carefully.

All previous, interested participants AND new participants wishing to join the MAL must register for Session 2. I am creating a new Session 2 mailing list for all organised sharings, Mini Course 1 and 2, and to provide links and passwords.

During this second session, I will open up participation once again for the first mini course, in which I share and demonstrate my traditional, Little Farm Strikketøfler design, which is a restoration from my region of Norway.

I will also offer a second mini course, in which I will share and demonstrate the advanced, traditional, Norwegian Hals construction. This construction will allow you to explore advanced genser and kofte construction and shaping, without worrying about managing the stranded knitting. It is a wonderful practice or first step in exploring an advanced construction.

Both courses include the patterns, step by step, recorded demonstrations and facilitation, which you can engage in or access at your convenience.

The MAL also includes live gatherings, recorded demonstrations, all organised and sponsored sharings, MAL prize drawings and so much more!

Participation in the MAL and mini courses are in lieu of your charitable donation to Kirkens Bymisjonen, Trondheim, Norway

You can read previously posted, detailed, public information about the MAL, via my little farm

Registration for participation and my collaboration with Kirkens Bymisjonen ends on Friday, December 30th.

All direct donations to the City Mission can be placed via the YELLOW donation button at the top of this website page.

Please do not use the "coffee" button...those are direct payments in support of my work here on the farm during the month of December.

You can register your participation in Session 2 of the holiday MAL HERE - with interest.

I have less than THREE days to meet my fundraising goal for this year!

I hope you will, or have found my offerings valuable of your open heart and generous spirit in supporting the important work of our city mission.

Be welcome! Velkommen!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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