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Knitting Bag Book - Mini-Course

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Hello everyone!

After many queries, I have now settled on the dates for my mini-Knitting Bag Book Course.

I am sorry it has taken me a bit of time to finalize everything. Read on!

Some years ago, I developed the habit of a Knitting Bag Book as a therapeutic journaling method connected to my daily making. I used it to work through an onset illness and my own mental health issues surrounding this condition. Since then, I have used the Knitting Bag Book on a daily basis to check in with myself, before I ever knit a single stitch.

After sharing and encouraging this technique on my VLOG a few years ago, I have received much correspondence on the topic. Many people still write to me each week, to ask for more information, if I can share more about the process of using the Knitting Bag Book and how they can get started using it.

As we are all experiencing challenges within our lives at the moment due to the pandemic, I decided to write my process into a mini-course to systematically offer help and support to others to use and to put the Knitting Bag Book into practice.

If you are currently feeling stressed, anxious, down, struggling with chronic illness, disease or grief, using a Knitting Bag Book is so worth a try! I attribute using it to saving my life.

While it’s not a total replacement for formal therapy, it is one tool that can help you to gain in

self-awareness, create meaning, feel better, improve wellness and serve as a helpful addition to your daily making moments.

I use the Knitting Bag Book as a process of writing down my thoughts, worries, emotions, experiences, tracking my health and much more! All of which I will share within the


This type of journaling differs from the process of recording daily events in a diary or calendar, which many of us use and are probably familiar with. The Knitting Bag Book is more about checking in with yourself and delving a little deeper before we begin our making.

It will help you to center yourself, make sense of your internal experiences, learn, and gain new perspectives on your challenges.

Creating the right environment to check-in and write about your thoughts and emotions enables you to express yourself in a way that can help to work through difficulties and emotions and to move forward, independent of others.

During the mini-course we will use the Knitting Bag Book method to help us improve our physical and psychological wellbeing. We will record our ideas, our dreams and positive affirmations. We will track our progress in a variety of meaningful ways. We will record our worries and negate each and every one of them.

This type of journaling helps us to bring clarity to our thoughts, experiences and to organize them in a meaningful way.

Over time, the Knitting Bag Book will also help you to recognize patterns in your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It will provide opportunities for long term self-reflection. It will give you the opportunity to consider your experiences from alternative perspectives and practice positive, helpful thinking as you reflect upon them.

The Knitting Bag Book will also support you to reduce intrusive, negative thoughts and to improve your working memory. It will help you to deal with stress much more effectively in your day to day life. It can help you to really tap into deep-set emotions, manage and have more control over your mental health.

Making a daily habit of using the Knitting Bag Book is an excellent way to strengthen your mindfulness, and self-reflection abilities. Bringing moments of calm and peace into each day, will work in tandem with the joy we have for our making.

Simply put, it will help you to boost your heart, your mind, your body, your spirit and your immune system!

Within the mini-course, we will take it step by step to set up our Knitting Bag Book.

I will support you fully to understand how to use it, personalize it, and how to make it a daily ritual and habit - always kept within your project bag!

Although I will facilitate you through the process, your Knitting Bag Book will be personal and private. I will only support you to develop, maintain and incorporate it into your daily making.

I will check-in with you and encourage you over time to keep up the process until you make it a habit. Just like you incorporate the process of planning your making projects!

Each day, for five days, between December 26th through December 30th we will explore, prepare and put into place using the Knitting Bag Book for the New Year.

In addition to the mini-course, I will check in with you LIVE - December 29th and December 30st to reinforce the lessons and to allow for in-person discussion among participants.

I hope you will be interested in joining me on this journey to elevate your making!

If you have any questions or wonders regarding the mini-course, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

Registration Opens - Saturday, December 5th

The mini-course fee is $18 US and it includes all course materials.

Course note: Please wait to organize any materials for the course.

I will be sharing and sending out a materials guide for you after registration!

It is important that the Knitting Bag Book you choose is a specific size.


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Dec 11, 2020

Kathy you can sign up today...this is the last week of registration!


Dec 11, 2020

Patricia, is it too late to sign up for the course?


I just sign up.


Jamie P
Jamie P
Dec 02, 2020

What a great way to end this year and start anew. Looking forward to this.



I’m interested in joining the class.❤️

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