My First Book and a new Traditional Course!

It is THE most wonderful feeling to see your designs realized and come to life.

Today I had the opportunity to see an advanced copy of my Selbu Sock ebook!

There is still work to do to finalize everything, but it is coming soon!

I am so inspired by the final cover (pictured here) and very motivated to keep working along to make the last edits and create the best publication possible.

Within the pages of this eBook is the possiblity to knit 26 different traditional socks!

7 designs, 13 different motifs, 2 sizes - and a few secret messages!

This has been such a wonderful journey of growth for me as a teacher and designer.

I simply cannot wait to share this book with interested knitters.

The history, the beauty and the knitting traditions from this region of Norway in which I live!

All of my Traditional Selbu Course participants will receive a discount code for the final book.

New Traditional Knitting Course!

I am also thrilled to collaborate together with the Koftebok project to offer my

Traditional Kofte Course on January 23, 2021.

This is a rare opportunity to have access to these traditional, historic patterns, as they will only be translated through my work within the course.

We have finished the planning and preparation phase for the course and it is now


Registered participants have the possibility to preorder and put together their own Norwegian yarn kit at registration. The price of each ball of yarn includes a 15% discount!

Once you are registered, I have created a Kofte Yarn Kit shop page, just for you, under the Farm Shop tab at the top of the website.

There you will find a FREE planning guide to download, which will help you to choose your Kofte design and plan a yarn kit for your own size.

Each yarn kit will include one of my bespoke, matching, handmade, birch Kofte progress keeper designs, as my gift to you!

Pictured here is the Gammel Sandvik kofte project keeper.

If you have any questions about the Traditional Kofte Course, please do not hesitate

to leave a comment below or email me directly!

Welcome to a new traditional knitting journey!

Warmest regards from the farm!

Patricia x

UPDATE! In order for the place order button to function when downloading the FREE PDF Planning must edit and update your customer details (NAME ETC) ! This is a little security check!

The button will not work unless you have done this extra step and have a BIG CHECK MARK confirming by you name!

I am sorry for the extra bother and challenge when trying to download!

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