Nowegian Kofte Course - Q&A - Follow up!

Hello everyone!

A little Norwegian Kofte Course follow up!

Firstly, the free, PDF Kofte Yarn Kit Planning Guide is available for anyone that registers for the course to use!

Please download it to support your yarn choices, whether you are purchasing from my little farm shop or planning from your own stash.

Secondly, size choices and measurements should be chosen closest to your own chest measurements, measuring under the arms around the bust area.

The pattern does not state anything about positive ease.

Just take a very careful measurement, choose the size closest to your own.

If you like more postive ease choose the size closest to your measurement by going up.

If you like more negative ease, or a more fitted cardigan, choose the size closest to your own measurement by going down.

But the wonderful thing about this pattern, is that we will be able to try it on as we knit along to adjust as we knit top-down.

You will learn much from using this Norwegian wool, your own size and knitting Traditional Kofter within this course.

Again only 100% wool is recommended. Norwegian wool is preferred, as this is the wool Kofter are designed to be knit with.

The needles sizes are only a starting point and we must knit to get the correct gauge!

This will be a lesson within the course, built into knitting the Kofte.

So I cannot tell you what needle sizes, other than the recommended starting needles

to have on hand.

We will be keeping a very careful gauge as we knit along together.

The buttons and ribbons we will come back to. We have plenty of time.

I have confirmation to offer them to you, but I need time to meet with the consultant.

The company that supplies them is the only company in Norway and they are 100s of years old!

Be aware that traditional buttons and woven ribbons are a bit on the pricey start to save a bit for those or plan your buttons and ribbons to fit within your own budget.

We have plenty of time! We will not need them until early spring!

There are 7 buttons required for both of the Kofter!

It takes a meter and a half to two meters of ribbon.

I will do my best to get the best price for you!

I will be calling the Rauma mill on Monday!

So if you would like to have your kit sent in the first round of shipping, place your order during the weekend. But do not stress! I will be sending a second shipment as and when needed.

Remember! Each ball of wool is discounted 15% - only available for registered participants.

If you are wondering anything, if you have additional questions OR if you need an adjustment up or down with the sizes of the Kofte do contact me directly!

Welcome to this new traditional knitting journey within my Virtual Classroom!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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