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Trad. Band Weaving - M1.v2 - Weaving!

Hello everyone,

The final lesson for this week is ready for you within our Virtual Classroom, at your convenience.

I begin with a little chat and then move into the beginning actions for weaving.

Keep in mind that this historic band is plain weaving.

It does not incorporate the traditional Norwegian "plukking" techniques from my region.

We are setting the foundation, the techniques and gaining much control, before the traditional weaving that is to come, later during the summer.

Continue on to slowly weave, and enjoy your Band #1 project.

You will have approximately 10 to 12 days for the weaving, before you will organize and I begin to accept your weaving journal submissions.

We will then move forward and I will introduce Band #2.

I will be popping in and out, with tips and updates and to demonstrate, how to set and to end the band with the tradtional finishing lessons.

We will revisit, refine and clarify as we progress along during our "live" check in sessions together.

If you have any wonders, reflections or clarifications as you make a start, you can leave those below or contact me directly.

Enjoy this day!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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