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Traditional Band Weaving - All levels - Update!

Greetings from the farm,


The Telemark Back Strap Belts and weaving kits are arriving in record time!

Ready for a most exciting summer of weaving ahead!

Thank you to everyone that sent their lovely reflections about the back strap belts

and the quality!

I will call the Telemark Husfliden group tomorrow and share your feedback.

I know they will be well pleased.

I promise you, this belt will make your back strap weaving a JOY!

Due to the response, I am now creating a new Telemark Back Strap Belt list!

If we have enough interest, I will ask the Husfliden group if they will take on the project to weave a few more for us!

If you are interested, please do let me know before Wednesday, as we only have a few more days left of June. And, as July is the common holiday here in Norway, we would not have a chance to get them before Autumn.

Everything will be closed for the summer holiday!

The same goes for the back strap weaving kits....if you are interested in the collabortion kit that I have organised with my Friend Sissel up contact her right away!

In addition to the basic kit - advancing weavers must have the 9 and the 13 pattern heddle!

11 and 15 are recommended for those of you that have a true passion for band weaving (like me!)

Thank you to everyone that joined the M1.v2 Zoom Check in this evening!

It was lovely to welcome you into our community!

I do apologize to anyone that exerienced the Check in link glitch....not a fun way to start off our course check ins! :/ I appreciate your understanding!

It is going to be an exciting week ahead for all of our band weaving courses and I am looking forward. I hope you are too! x

If you have gotten your back strap belt and want to let us know....or if you have a wonder, reflection or you are in need of clarification....drop me a comment!

God natt from the farm,

Patricia x

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