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Traditional Beginner "Plukkebånd" Band Weaving Course - Registration is OPEN!

Greetings from the farm,

Welcome to the beginner/entry level Traditional Norwegian "plukkebånd" Band Weaving Course! Specifically - Module 1-2

The course begins on June 11th with a week of introduction, settling in and establishing essential agreements.

It continues through the summer until September 3rd.

This will be the last Module 1, beginner course offering for 2022.

It is important to read all information around this course prior and during registration.

Participants are expected to engage fully within the time frame of the course offering.

Personal scheduling is the responsibility of the participant.

This includes keeping pace with the visual, written and oral lessons as presented and the weaving time frame. Which will be generous and relaxing during the summer.

Please keep in mind that this course is not a workshop.

This is an indepth, traditional course, focused on the weaving history from Trøndelag (my region) and is regulated by local weaving standards.

Weaving submissions must be presented for review during the course to progress through the levels of technique.

The submissions allow me to maintain the integrity of the historic weaving drafts and fully support your weaving development remotely.

These submissions must include specific high resolution photographs of your weaving project.

You must also maintain a detailed weaving journal, which includes specific information for each weaving project. The journals promote self-reflection during the weaving, after the weaving and at the end of the Module.

Specific guidelines and facilitation for submissions will be shared during the introductory week. This will ensure that you are settled in and can successfully complete all course requirements

Although some of the information needs a bit of an update, do also make sure that you have read HERE how to navigate the course website and glean an understanding of my offerings.

If you would like to know a bit more about my aims and my work here, growing wool, on my little farm in the middle of Norway, you can read HERE - although I have also extended and expanded my own journey and qualifications from the information within this post.

Check out our hashtag on instagram #knitographyvirtualclassroom for inspiration and recommendations of my offerings from the farm.

You can follow me on Instagram @p4chen - which at the moment is about growing wool and celebrating the accomplishments of makers all over the world.

I wish you a very warm welcome - Velkommen og God sommer!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Kristine Flowers
Kristine Flowers

Thank you for offering this traditional bånd weaving in these modern times. The heddle pictured is SO beautiful. I want to try and paint one . . .

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