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Traditional Buttons - (knapper) - Autumn Kofte Course! Pyntebånd - UPDATE!

Hello everyone!

Today I have negotiated a lovely discount for the traditional Norwegian knapper/buttons needed for our Autumn Kofte Course - Garnmannen 430. The original buttons for this Kofte are pictured above, as you will also see sewn on the kofter within the Kofteboken 1.

We will need 8 buttons for this Kofte.

You might remember that 7 buttons were priced at 28 US dollars within our first course.

As a returning customer, I was will be able to get the 8 buttons for 24 US dollars, so a nice savings as a returning customer group.

The buttons are not available in my farm shop yet.

I will have them there ready as a pre-order sometime soon.

I do hope you will let me know in the comments below if there is interest for the original knapper! I have to purchase them in advance and that is an investment for my little farm.

Pyntebånd - Traditional Ribbons!

As you know, I am offering a course to learn to weave your own traditional ribbons for this course! If you are participating in the course, I do hope you will join us!

We will have some options here and I am working on something very special, with the hope that you can use the exact wool and colours that you are using to knit your Kofte.

This will not be a traditionally thin band, but just a bit wider.

We will see.

It will be very beautiful and handmade by YOU for generations to come!

An heirloom piece!

Thoughts, comments and reflections - please leave those below or contact me directly.

Welcome to the Autumn Courses!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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