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Traditional Buttons - (knapper) - Autumn Kofte Course! Pyntebånd - UPDATE!

Hello everyone!

Today I have negotiated a lovely discount for the traditional Norwegian knapper/buttons needed for our Autumn Kofte Course - Garnmannen 430. The original buttons for this Kofte are pictured above, as you will also see sewn on the kofter within the Kofteboken 1.

We will need 8 buttons for this Kofte.

You might remember that 7 buttons were priced at 28 US dollars within our first course.

As a returning customer, I was will be able to get the 8 buttons for 24 US dollars, so a nice savings as a returning customer group.

The buttons are not available in my farm shop yet.

I will have them there ready as a pre-order sometime soon.

I do hope you will let me know in the comments below if there is interest for the original knapper! I have to purchase them in advance and that is an investment for my little farm.

Pyntebånd - Traditional Ribbons!

As you know, I am offering a course to learn to weave your own traditional ribbons for this course! If you are participating in the course, I do hope you will join us!

We will have some options here and I am working on something very special, with the hope that you can use the exact wool and colours that you are using to knit your Kofte.

This will not be a traditionally thin band, but just a bit wider.

We will see.

It will be very beautiful and handmade by YOU for generations to come!

An heirloom piece!

Thoughts, comments and reflections - please leave those below or contact me directly.

Welcome to the Autumn Courses!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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I will definitely order these buttons - so perfect for this design. Thank you for offering them!


Yes on the buttons. Thank you!


Marlene Carron
Marlene Carron
Aug 20, 2021

Yes, Patricia, I am interested in purchasing the special buttons for our Kofte. Thank you for negotiating a discounted price for us. With our woven bands and buttons, I can hardly wait to see how beautiful our Koftes will be!


Hi Patricia,

I would love to have the original buttons. Due to time constraints, I'm not going to be able to make the weaving course. I'd love to sometime, right now it's not possible so I would love to buy ribbons for this fall sweater. I did send in my order for yarn. Fingers crossed the colors look good in person. If you think one of the yarns looks off with the others, please let me know. XO, Tracey


Brynne Jorgensen
Brynne Jorgensen
Aug 18, 2021

Yes I am interested in the buttons. Still deciding colors.

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