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Traditional Kofte Winter Courses - Advanced and Kofte Course 3+ - Updates!

Course updates from the farm!

Advanced Winter Kofte Course

After our participant voting, the first choice for our Advanced Kofte Course is

Oddvars peneste kofte (above) from Koftebok 1 with 63% of the vote.

The second choice is the Nordfjord jakke (below) from Koftebok 3 with 56% of the vote.

We will discuss if there is interest in choice #3 which received 42% of the vote.

For those of you that have completed the basic kofte courses and are eligible to participate in the advanced course, I will be sharing the planning guides for choice one and two with you very soon.

In this way, you can begin to plan your colours and order your Norwegian wool yarn kits, woollen ribbon and the traditional Norwegian buttons.

The colours for the kofter are your choice.

But the aboved pictured kofter use natural in combination with one main colour.

This should help you to begin your thinking about your yarn kit choice.

The Advanced Winter Kofte Course will begin mid to late January.

Basic Kofte Course 3+

If you are new to Traditional Norwegian garment knitting and you are interested in learning to knit a Norwegian kofter - in this third basic course, we will be combining traditional, historic technqiues to modern designs within the world of Wiola.

We will have two basic choices within this upcoming course.

The Agnes Kofte and Rundt i Dalen pictured below.

In collaboration with the designer, the Agnes Kofte pattern will be purchased at a discount to each participant.


The newly published Wiola kofte course book, which includes the Rundt i Dalen pattern is now available within my farm shop

This book, just out on store shelves, is currently 50 US dollars in local bookstores.

I have negotiated an 18% discount for each participant, which includes a private carrier for shipping at half the price and this is a heavy book.

In addition, if all goes to plan, your book will be signed by the designer.

For some addtional excitement you will also have the chance to receive a book with her "prize drawing signature" - and if you are the lucky recipent, you will receive a very special prize!

If you know you are interested in participanting in the course and you wish purchase the book signed by the author, please order your book as soon as possible within the coming week.

Due to the discounted shipping negotiations, this book must be ordered ON ITS OWN!

It cannot be combined with other items from within my farm shop.

It must be an order with ONLY the book.

Thank you for understanding. This is the only way I could offer the book + shipping discount.

Woolen ribbons and traditional buttons to match the two kofter, designed by Wiola, will also be available within my farm shop.

All of the Traditional Norwegian garments within the courses (advanced + basic) will use

100% Norwegian Rauma Finullgarn wool.

Once again, the colours are your choice. But the Agnes kofte + Rundt i Dalen use natural + your choice of a main colour.

You have the possibility to pull waste yarn colours from your stash for Wiola's signature accent colours within the design.

If you do not have waste yarn, then I can support and provide you with a complete kit of colours.

Planning guides will be provided for both Basic Kofte Course +3 pieces soon.

Why the PLUS (+)?

The Basic Kofte Course (+) is in connection to the newly published Wiola book and my band weaving course.

Firstly, the Wiola book is only available in Norwegian here in Scandinavia.

If you are joining the course, and purchase the book, I will be offering support for you to use the book - specifically with two additional pieces that I will be knitting.

But I will be open to help you with other pieces you might like to knit.

Secondly, it also means that, for those of you participating within my band weaving course,

I will provide matching traditional Norwegian historic band weaving patterns,

if you would like to weave a matching kofte ribbon or belt.

As all pieces within the courses will need woollen ribbons and one piece specifically needs a belt, which I will weave.

With interest, you can visit my farm shop HERE to order your book!

I am thrilled to collaborate once again with the Kofteboken authors and the Wiola team and I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for my work here on the farm.

Registration will open for both courses at the beginning of December and they will run

parallel with each other during the new year.

It is going to be the loveliest winter of traditional Norwegian knitting and fellowship!


I welcome your wonders, thoughts or questions, please do leave those within the comments below and I will get back to you shortly.

Enjoy this day!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Hallo Patricia, I would also like to knit for the first time a norwegian kofte, and I have followed your stranded knitting beginners course (the cowl). Do you have again plans for a beginners traditional kofte course? (I already bought it from this site) ♥️


I want to make both of the kofter in the advanced course... now I have to make a decision!!




So excited for the courses.


I am looking forward to the advanced class! I'm curious, Patricia, you mention the band weaving class overlap with the Agnes Kofte but will there be some bands for the advanced class as well?

Replying to

It does, thank you! I was hoping that was the case because I'm not sure I could manage both classes, but didn't want to miss the opportunity to think about weaving a band for the advanced class. I may still consider both because the Agnes is so beautiful...we will see.


Hello Patricia, I have been looking forward to the Advanced Kofte class since taking your first Kofte course earlier this year. I am not in the majority of knitters who voted for Oddvars and I think Norfjord was my last choice. Any chance that you will consider offering the #3 highest voted option? Obviously there’s no guarantee it was on my list. I would really like to participate but am now uncertain. I know you can‘t offer everything. Please advise. Thank you.

Joyce Hall
Joyce Hall
Nov 15, 2021
Replying to

Hi Patricia, I’m in a similar situation to Victoria, but as I’m not currently enrolled in a Kofte class, having completed the first basic course, I’m not able to join the Wednesday zoom session and hear the discussion. Joyce

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