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Visual Seminar - Advanced Genser Construction Offering - Preparing for our Påske genser course!

Greetings from the farm,

During the month of February, I will be offering a visual seminar for the advanced construction of a traditional Norwegian genser - specifically the inset, long, "raglan" construction.

This offering is in advance of my spring, Choose Your Own Path Genser Course for beginning, intermediate, and advanced traditional Norwegian jumpers/pullovers - which officially begins

on fastelavn søndag - February 19th and will continue through to the beginning of April.

More information on that offering soon!

At this time of year in Norway, we traditionally knit genser, in preparation for påske (the Easter holiday).

This visual seminar will strip away the advanced, stranded knitting - focusing specifically on the construction, and how to apply and understand the construction, without worrying about managing the advanced charts and motifs at the same time.

This is not a facilitated course.

This is a visual, virtual classroom demonstration from preparing our tools, weighing our wool to a professionally finished heirloom quality genser - in real time!

A deep dive into all historic, genser techniques that should be applied during the knitting of a traditional garment, but are not included within the written pattern.

A resource which can be used before and during the knitting of an advanced heirloom piece, at your convenience.

You will see my advanced process completely.

I will not only review the advanced construction and compare and contrast it to the modern raglan construction, during the seminar, but I will review each and every traditional technique from start to finish.

There will be interest for those just beginning their traditional Norwegian stranded knitting journeys and those that are ready to move forward, expanding their skills.

Which also might be of help to fill in some missed gaps for those of you jumping into a later course offering.

Once I open the virtual classroom, ready to make a start - you will receive the direct link and password to engage with the seminar content at your convenience.

With interest, you can register your participation HERE

Scroll down a bit.

If you have additional wonders or queries around this offering, please contact me directly.

Velkommen, with interest.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Sheila Newman
Sheila Newman
30 ene 2023

Wow, I love the photo. Did you just make that? How long does it take you to make a sweater? I'm blown away.

Me gusta
30 ene 2023
Contestando a


Me gusta
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