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Zoom Follow-up! God sommer!

Hello everyone! Thank you for a wonderful end to this Traditional Norwegian Knitting season and for a fun last Zoom session together.

I hope you will enjoy trying out the recipe that I shared and practicing winding yarn on a nøstepinne!

I loved seeing all of the nøstepinnes that you brought to share.

I hope you were inspired to get them out and use them more often!

If you would like Arve to make you a nøstepinne, just email me!

The oldest nøstepinne artifact from my region - Trøndelag 1856 - You can see the little windows and the wooden balls that were inserted to make it a rattle. :)

And now you know...not a simple thing to do!

I will be away from emails and my shop from May 13th until May 18th for the long holiday weekend!

If you are interested in joining the summer course right from the start...this is the last week to do so. Welcome!

The Selbu summer course will begin with vocaburlary/cast on lessons on May 23rd and May 30th. You will be receiving introductory information via email during the week prior to the start.

The Selbu "style" Summer Mitten KAL - participation registration will open between

June 1 through the 4th, with a vocabulary lesson on June 5th.

Information will be sent out to all registered participants in good time before June 5th.

This is an extension of the Selbu Mitten Courses...basic and advanced.

Participation is free.

We will be doing in depth comparisons of Selbu style mittens vs. traditional Selbu mittens.

Join us with interest.

Please do leave any addtional questions below if I have forgotten something that I should have mentioned. :/

If I do not see you in the summer...I hope you will check back in August for a new season of Traditional Norwegian Knitting Courses!

God sommer alle sammen! (Happy summer everyone!)

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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