The Bergmannens Datter Mitten Yarn Kit - includes the 100% Norwegian wool AND the discounted knitting pattern - which allows you to knit one pair of mittens. 

The miner's daughter's mittens is a special design based on local history from the region of Trøndelag, Norway. The rose motif is reflective of the Trondheim Rose, inspired by Nidaros Cathedral. The colours of the Rauma Finullgarn included within the kit are the King's Royal Blue and Natural White - these colours mirror the folk costume of this region (pictured above). 

When you purchase the Bergmannens Datter Mitten Yarn Kit, the pdf download will be sent to you directly via email within 24 hours. The yarn kit, which includes the 100% Norwegian wool will ship within two days. 

Bergmannens Datter Mitten Yarn Kit