Grå Trønder sheep are a rare, protected, heritage breed of sheep from the Trøndelag region of Norway.


The wool from this breed of sheep is scarce.


Our aim is to revive and to promote this breed, returning it to its original landscape. 


We have worked tirelessly for many years to bring this wool to an international market. 


Our wool is grown, shorn and milled locally, within the breed's original landscape. 


We raise our small flock, free range, on the mountain and along the forest path year-round here within Trøndelag.


This 2 ply, hand reared, virgin wool is warm, soft, elastic and has a beautiful luster and halo.


Grå Trøndersau wool was deemed the softest breed of Norwegian wool, at the London Design Festival.


This small batch of our farm yarn was designed to combine the varying shades of gray within the fleece, blended together to highlight the stunning depth of the natural nuances of the wool.

Resulting in a deep, rich, dark shade of gray. 

(The first and second pictures within this listing is a true representation of the colour.)


Each skein of 100% heritage Norwegian Wool is numbered and registered. 

100 grams = approximately 200 meters

Gauge: 20 sts to 26 sts = 10 cm

Needle size: 3.0 mm to 3.5 mm

Gauge and needle sizes are approximations, however this wool is versatile and able to be used across a wide range of tensions. 

Tepid handwash only - lay flat to dry naturally. 


Important note: Please do keep in mind that each skein has been hand wound and weighed to measure approximately 100 grams = 200 meters here on the farm. There is a margin of human error, which affects the weight of each skein. In addition, humidity conditions also affect the skein's weight. Please do make sure you order enough yarn for your intended project. This is a small batch of farm yarn. This lot cannot be repeated or replicated. It would be difficult to acquire new yarn for a project if you were to run out. 

Knitography Farm Yarn - Red Year

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