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The Primstav Shawl pin/Brooch design was inspired by traditional Nordic perpetual calendars. I have designed the two sides of these medieval primstav calendars to replicate the original. I have researched the runic symbols and have made them into authentic wood carvings. I have photographed and digitalized these wood carvings into these hand finished pieces.


These Primstav Brooch sets are made from the birch trees within our own forest and completely handmade here on our little farm. They are lightly stained with wood stain which is mixed into our Organic Bee Butter to acheive an authentic, distressed artifact effect.


Primstav History

Before printed calendars, Norwegians used perpetual, calendric devices made of wood, with lines and notches for the days of the year and carved characters for solstices, equinoxes, festivals and holidays. It was used as an everyday calendar through the 17th century. A primstav has two sides. A summer side starting on April 14th and a winter side starting on October 14th.


April 14th (the summer side) is indicated with an evergreen tree symbol, is the first official day of summer in Norway and the traditional day when farmers let all of the cows and sheep out into the fields from the barn. Here in the middle of Norway, the forest is now melting and waking up from its winter sleep. 


October 14th (the winter side) indicated with a mitten symbol, is the traditional "Mitten Day"...the day in which Norwegians take out and air out all of their woolen articles of clothing in anticipation of use during the coming winter. 

Primstav Brooches

  • The Primstav Brooch sets are made from 4 mm Norweigan Birch from the Trøndelag area of Norway. They have a metal closeure on the back for securing to shawls or garments.

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