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The Selbu Sock Stick is a knitting tool used to measure your hand knitted socks accurately in CENTIMETERS OR INCHES during knitting. They are a sturdy tool, allowing you to measure horizontally for the length of the foot or vertically for the length of the cuff or the length of the leg of the knitted sock without fumbling about. 


Selbu Sock Sticks are light weight and fit nicely inside your knitting bag, making them very transportable and convenient to use on the go.


They were designed as the perfect companion knitting tool, to our Selbu Sock Blocker lengths - 22 cm for small, 24 cm for medium and 26 cm for large.

Conversion for inches: Selbu Sock Sticks are 11 inches long.


You can knit any length of cuff or leg desired. You will simply stop knitting 5 cm before your desired foot length, to begin your toe decreases for the perfect fit of your handmade knitted socks (cuff down). 


They can also be used for measuring during other knitting projects such as mittens.

Selbu Sock Sticks

  • Our Selbu Sock Sticks are handmade from Norweigan Birch trees from the Trøndelag area of Norway. They are completely organic and natural without any glues or laquers. They are hand sanded, conditioned, polished and sealed for a smooth finish on all edges, with our homemade Organic Bee Butter.

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