This kit is currently sold out, but can be preordered and shipped within a week, with interest. 


The Skymning shawl is a triangular shawl, knitted top down (to your preferred size) and finished with a lace edging.


Skymning Shawl Rainbow Yarn Kit designed by Sofia Kammeborn includes:

3 skeins of grey (1 of these skeins will be used to knit the lace border of the shawl), 1 skein of red, 1 skein of yellow, 1 skein of green, 1 skein of blue. 100% Norwegian wool, Rauma Finullgarn/PT2


This yarn kit will also include a bespoke set of Kammebornia Stitch Markers which I have designed and handmade here on my little farm in Norway.


1 set of handmade «Skymning Stitch Markers» uniquely designed, coordinating progress keeper and stitch marker set. The set includes clever beginning of round and end of round markders and matching stitch markers all made from locally sourced Norwegian Birch.


Please be aware that this kit does NOT include the pattern. The pattern will be purchased directly from the designer. 

Here is a direct link to purchase the pattern for your conveneince. 

Skymning Shawl


Skymning Rainbow Yarn Kit

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  • This yarn kit also includes 1 set of uniquely designed, handmade «Kammebornia Stitch Markers » - with a coordinating Kammebornia progress keeper and stitch marker set. The set was designed in the theme of the Skymning Shawl and with the Kammeborna Podcast on YouTube, in mind. All pieces are made by me from locally sourced Norwegian Birch here on my little farm.