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$25 US per set + $7.00 US dollars for shipping


WIP Project Bag Tags are tools to help organize your knitting projects within your project bags. This little whimsical set of "WIP" tags allows you to get you works in progress and progject bags organized. They allow you to quickley see, at a glance, which projects you have on the go!


This set includes seven tags:

1 sock WIP tag

1 mitten WIP tag

1 sweater WIP tag

1 yoke jumper WIP tag

1 shawl WIP tag

1 hat WIP tag

1 generic WIP tag

WIP Project Bag Tags

  • Our WIP Project Bag Tags are handmade from Norwegian birch from the Trøndelag area of Norway. They are hand polished and sealed with our Organic Bee Butter. 

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    With confirmation, your WIP Project Bag Tags will ship within 3 to 5 days.