One year on...

April 21, 2019

One year ago, my little farm was certified here in Norway.


It’s been a whole year since my lambs were born!


And just a over a year ago, the research, idea and all of the sketches for my Selbu Blockers and Selbu Accessories were launched within my little Farm Shop.


Why...this time last year, I created and sold my very first skeins of naturally dyed wool from the plants that I foraged or grew here on the farm.

I filled so many buckets with free flowing mountain water, I have simply lost count. 

All of this to realise the dream of creating and milling my very own Farm Yarns from my own little flock. 


In reality, I still have a long way to go to reach the mill. But this year has been joyful!

A LOT of hard work, mind...but joyful.


Among the accomplishments there have been challenges too and many personal transitions to process and adjust to. 


I have had to make some difficult decisions for my family, which meant that I had put some things aside. 

Not everyone has understood or agreed with my choices, but in the end they were mine and I am settling into accepting that fact. 


I have also made mistakes along the way and puzzled through a lot of problems. 

Sometimes during this past year it seemed I was always learning the hard way.

But nevertheless, learning happened and finally gave way to growing my confidence.

Which opened my heart to trusting myself and my own instincts through some of the toughest of days.


As I write this, I so am grateful for this past year, all of the experiences (good or bad) and what I have accomplished.

It might seem like a lot from the outside looking in.

But I know my journey has just begun and there is still a lot yet to do and learn to reach my aim. 


Because of the personal transitions and challenges I mentioned, in the end I stopped recording my Vlog. I stopped sharing and teaching and reaching out because my energy and my focus were needed elsewhere. I was drained emotionally, which left me somewhat discouraged and uninspired.

At the height of it all, I felt I just didn't have very much to contribute.

I lost my courage, my confidence and my voice to the worry and the anxiety of the situations for which I had no control over. 

I lost some connections too, which has really made me sad.


Several months on now, I am feeling stronger. Although our little family is still just taking it one day at a time, the daylight has returned and along with it the strength, energy and possibility to try to once again to participate and to contribute within the knitting community.  


Working on the farm full time now, I'll return to recording my Vlog; (this week!) with the aim to reach out, to share and to support other knitters interested in the history and techniques of traditional Norwegian knitting. My little farm shop will hopefully continue to grow and expand, and I am so looking forward to welcoming new lambs, to grow my flock. And of course, to continue on with the plan to mill my own farm yarns one beautiful day!


In celebration of the year gone by and the year to come...I am so happy to launch the Little Farm Mittens in collaboration with Norwegian Designer Anita Heimersen (Ullmasker on Ravelry). You can read all about these mittens and purchase the pattern on Ravelry: here


I am going to share in detail the story and inspiration behind the designing of these mittens and our collaboration on my first official Knitography Farm Vlog, which I am recording and uploading this week! You'll find it soon over on my Knitography YouTube channel. 


I will also be offering the 100% Norwegian Rauma wool as a yarn kit within my farm shop as well, if you are interested. 


I hope you will really enjoy knitting the Little Farm Mittens and hearing more about the story and its connection to my little farm here in the middle of Norway. If you do decide to knit our mittens, please use the information within the pattern to tag and connect with us! We would love to see your knitting progress!



Finally! I will be using these mittens as part of the course material to teach a beginning knitter online e-course coming soon! If you are a novice mitten knitter or you are interested in advancing your skills of knitting traditional Selbu style Norwegian mittens, then this course has been created just for you!


I will be breaking down the knitting of this style of mitten from start to finish. I have developed this e-course from all of the hundreds of questions and interactions I have received via email, comments on Instagram and interactions at knitting festivals asking for support! You'll have access to all of the videos to replay at your convenience and my personal teaching support throughout the knitting journey.


I will be sharing more detailed information regarding this e-course via my Vlog, coming this week!

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining the beginning knitter mitten e-course do let me know!


Happy knitting Friends!

Thank you for your support, always!













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One year on...

April 21, 2019

"Be careful where you step!"

February 24, 2019

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