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Three times each day during spring and summer, I leave my little farm and take to the forest path, together with my little flock of Grå Trønder sheep.


As we follow this well worn pathway and climb the mountain, we walk deeper and deeper into the forest glade.

Here in the forest is the place I feel most at home, most calm, most joyful and most like me.


While my little flock frolics and grazes, I sit on a beautiful, moss covered stump, to knit and to listen to birdsong.


My heart is always full of gratitude and awe for the nature that surrounds me here within the Norwegian forest.


Wherever I wander along the path, nature always seems to be whispering it’s messages to me and I am ever inspired.


The Forest Path Hap is the result of these messages!


A warm, light, drapey, rustic triangular shaped Hap to wrap yourself in and to keep the chill off - as you stroll along into the the forest.

Thank you for joining me along on the forest path.


Please note:
This pattern has been professionally tech editied for clarity.
It is in written form, row by row AND is now FULLY CHARTED!


Planning your project:

Needle size: 5.0 mm (US 8)

Gauge: 15 stitches = 10 cm

You will need 3 balls of Rauma PT 2 garn, for a total of 150 grams and 525 meters. The hap was designed and knit with Colour 4130.


You can purchase the original 100% Norwegian wool used for the Hap as a kit and have a look at all of my handmade knitting accessories within my little farm shop:

Forest Path Hap Yarn Kits


I designed this Hap to use up ALL three balls of yarn.
Please note: I only had 1 gram of yarn left, when I bound off the Hap.


This hap was designed to use only 100% pure wool.


Please consider the environment before printing out this pattern.

It was written to be used in a digital format.


For more information, see:


Please join the Forest Path Hap KAL within my Ravelry Group!

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Forest Path Hap

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