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This traditional, rare, heritage weaving wool/thread is spun locally to me in Røros, Norway. Gammelnorsk spælsau

Each hank is 100 grams and approximately 600 meters. 

It is a 1 ply wool used historically for traditional weaving, the strengthening of socks (heels and toes) and hand sewing within traditional garments (for example - securing a steek, sewing on buttons and sewing on the traditional ribbon.

It is spun in only natural colours  natural, light gray, gray etc.

I will update the natural colours along. 

As this is a rare, heritage wool it is only available in small quantities. 
1 hank of wool can last a very long time for the strengthening of socks and the hand sewing of traditional garments. 



Trad. Weaving Wool Thread

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