Exciting news! Norwegian Kofte Course

Greetings from the farm!

I am so pleased today to share some wonderful news with the members of my courses and the interested subscribers to my little farm website.

I have finalized and entered into a collaboration, together with the Norwegian Kofte (cardigan/jumper) book project!

This is a three volume, historic, book project, which documents traditional Norwegian Kofte patterns throughout Norway.

Beginning in late January and continuing on for several months, I will be facilitating a traditional Norwegian Kofte Course.

Within this course, we will slowly knit a traditional Norwegian Kofte, bit by bit, together.

We will knit the same design.

I am hoping we will have the possibility of choosing a beginning project or an advanced project.

I will welcome Norwegian knitters as guests within the course, to interview and to share their expert knowledge of traditional knitting techniques.

We will use Norweigian wool, traditional Norwegian tin knapper (buttons) and bånd (ribbon).

I am currently organizing a complete course kit for you.

I hope you will be interested in joining me on this traditional knitting journey, through late winter and early spring!

Registration will open up in just a few weeks.

As it is extremely important to have enough time to plan and to bring all of the contributing partners and pieces together for those of you that are interested.

This is such a wonderful and rare opportunity for us to have the possibility to have access to these patterns in English!

The Kofte pictured - the Gammel Sandvik is one of our choices for the course!

It is a most popular, traditional rose Kofte design and it has a beautiful story.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Warmest regards from the farm!

Patricia x

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