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Farm Vlog - Preparing a raw wool fleece for spinning and natural dyeing

Hello everyone!

Especially for my summer traditional knitting course participants, but for anyone that might be curious or interested in spinning and natural dyeing, I have prepared a very informal Farm Vlog conversation around the process of preparing a raw wool fleece for spinning and natural dyeing.

This is Part 1. Once the prepared fleece is completely dry, I will move on to share the next steps.

This Vlog is uploaded privately to my Knitography Farm YouTube Channel and can only be accessed via the link below.

Enjoy with interest!

If you are inspired to process your own raw fleece, I would so enjoy hearing more about it!

If you have questions, wonders, thoughts or reflections do leave those within the comments below. I will gladly support you.

I share this knowledge freely.

If you wish to support my work on the farm and my continued sharing, please do read about me and work via the About tab at the top of the website and also here at this link.

Your donations are accepted with much gratitude.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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