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Knitography Farm's - Holiday, Charity, Make-a-long 2022! A sneak peek sharing!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Greetings from the farm!

Mondays are my days "off" - to work out on the farm and in the barn with my little flock.

So, I am just quickly popping in today to share a bit more information around the upcoming MAL!

I am looking forward to hosting this year's holiday, charity, make a long.

I have much planned and much to share in the coming month.

In addition to designing a special, traditional, holiday project to support Kirken's Bymisjonen

this year -

We will engage in, and I will share, a variety of other sustainable, practical, everyday activities from life on the old village farms in Norway.

Yesterday, I hosted a "sneak peek" introduction gathering with autumn course participants, who might be interested in these additional activities.

I hope those of you that attended, felt inspired and excited to join in to these explorations.

Today, I thought I would share a visual, sneak peak, "recap", if you will, from our discussions of the process of natural dyeing.

I will be going through this process during the month of December and the MAL.

Natural dyeing is an integral part of my year-long farm wheel planning and work.

It begins with much foraging during the spring, summer and autumn seasons.

And winter, is the perfect time to inject as much colour as possible into this darkest of seasons!

It is my hope that there will be much interest and support for this year's charity MAL activities - in addition to the traditional knitting we are currently working on.

It is always my aim, each day, to breath life into the authentic living that took place on the old village farms from days gone by.

A slower, more thoughtful, sustainable, time period in our history.

A time and a pace, which has much to offer and to teach us, in contrast to the hectic pace of living within society today.

I hope you will enjoy this little window into the upcoming MAL, eager to learn more!

Within this short clip, I am sharing the first steps of the process of naturally dyeing 100% OEKO-TEX cotton (cellulose) fabric, to specifically create sustainable knitting bag book/reflective journal covers and naturally dyed, holiday, napkins or tea towels - but this fabric and the left overs, will be used for many other purposes as well.

I will also be sharing some of my eco-printing process, from the foraging I did during the summer.

I will open sign-ups for this year's holiday, charity MAL later this week.

Have a wonderful start to this new day!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x


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Siv Berge
Siv Berge
Nov 21, 2022

Spennende, skal prøves en gang 😀


Nov 21, 2022

i'm enjoying learning this method of natural dying! I've never dyed cellulose fibers, but I would like to give it a try. I always save onion skins, and when visiting my cousins from Switzerland they always have a bag of onion skins collecting in their kitchens that they use for dying Easter eggs.

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