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Knitography Farm's Holiday, Charity MAL Mini Course - Introduction + Housekeeping Check!

Greetings from the farm,

Velkommen to December and the start of our Holiday, Charity, Make - a - long!

Just a bit of housekeeping today!

For those of you participating in the holiday, charity, make - a - long, mini-course - which I am offering freely to you.

You should have received the introduction email; including all links and passwords, essential agreements and the introductory planning guide.

Please read this information carefully, with time.

Contact me directly if you have not received this information via email.

We must make sure that your email is registered properly and that you are receiving all notifications for the duration of December and the MAL.

Day 1 is ready for you!

Finally, I would like to share one of the official, fundraising songs for Frelsesarmeen by the Poet and Lyricist Trygve Skaug....just have a listen.

It expresses so clearly the work of Kirkens Bymisjonen in Trondheim.

I know you will feel the sentiment.

I will read this poem for you in English

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Sheila Newman
Sheila Newman
Dec 02, 2022

Lovely song. A star like you? I don't know what the lyrics mean but it gives me a beautiful feeling.


I received an email on Monday with a pdf. Was that the one or was there another one?

Dec 01, 2022
Replying to

All sign ups and information has been posted here on the farm BLOG. Please, with time, read through that shared information.

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