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Wednesday, Community Course Check-in! + Holiday, Charity MAL!

Greetings from the farm,

Welcome to tonight's community check-in session!

Tonight I will be combining our monthly, Knitography Farm Community Check-in, course check-in, and a little holiday, make-a-long sneak peak demonstration, which I am hosting for charity.

I will begin by offering support for course participants - reflecting on our progress, recent pattern updates, and this week's visual lessons.

Please register your need for support concisely!

We will then move forward wtih community updates and sharings, ending with several make-a-long demonstrations and gift ideas for you!

All based on the work, on old village farms, in Norway - during this season of the year.

Bring your current traditional, Norwegian stranded knitting project, a cup of something warming and be welcome, to sit back, relax, and join into our community fellowship of making.

NB! The participation link and password to join will be sent via your registration email, approximately one hour before we begin.

Please be careful with typos! Typos will prevent you from receiving the participation information. I cannot be responsible for typos.

Wednesday evening, December 7th - 19:00 (7 PM) CET winter time

World Clock - Oslo, Norway

Register your participation HERE


Vi ses!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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