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Our Selbu Ornament Embroidery Kit are handmade out of Norwegian Birch from trees here on our little farm.

An enjoyable project to complete together with Friends, Family or together with children of all ages!

I have designed this little set of ornaments to use any colour of waste yarn you have on hand to embellish the Selbu star within the design. 

I have also designed an embroidery technique which allows the back of the Selbu star to look exactly the same as the front. 

Together with a set of ornaments, you will receive a FREE step by step PDF visual pattern of instructions on how to create the front/back embroidery design. 

They are approximately 12 cm in length. A standard ornament size. 

Each set contains 6 pieces. 

Selbu Ornaments

  • The Selbu Ornaments are made of 4mm Norwegian Birch from the Trøndelag area in Norway. 

  • Shipping costs for your geographical location are calculated at checkout.

    To ensure a safe shopping experience and to encrypt all of your personal information an additional $3 US dollar handling fee is charged at checkout.

    With confirmation, your handmade Selbu Ornament Kit will ship within 1 to 2 weeks.

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