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Mini Selbuvotter Mitten Blockers weredesigned specifically to embellish Pia Kammeborn's "Wisby Mini Mitten". (The PDF pattern for these mittens can be purchased and downloaded here Wisby Mini Mitten.)

But these Mini Selbuvotter Mitten Blockers can be used for many different creative and imaginative purposes! Hang them on on knitting bags, backpacks or used as a key rings to create a bit of whimsy and joy for those of you who love knitting Norwegian style Selbu mittens.

Mini Selbuvotter Mitten Blockers

  • Mini Selbuvotter Blockers are handmade of pure Norwegian Birch from the Trøndelag area of Norway. They are conditioned and sealed with handmade Organic Bee Butter. They are 8 cm long/4 cm wide and each set of 2 (a pair), comes with a connecting ball chain.

  • Shipping costs for your geographical location are calculated at checkout.

    To ensure a safe shopping experience and to encrypt all of your personal information an additional $3 US dollar handling fee is charged at checkout.

    With confirmation, your Mini Selbuvotter Blockers will ship within 3 to 5 days. If you have ordered our handmade Selbu Blockers, your Mini Selbuvotter Blockers will be shipped together in one complete parcel.

    In this case, please do allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipping. 

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