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2024 - Traditional Handiwork Guild - 200 years of Immigration to the United States of America from Norway

Greetings from the farm, Here on the farm, we are already looking forward to 2024 and the inspiration and explorations to come! Exciting news! In 2024 - my EPIC project will be to take on the responsibilities of organizing the local, traditional hand work guild (TRAD-Syforening) and to host an international guild community, in preparation for and in celebration of - 200 years of immigration from Norway to the United States of America - 1825 to 2025.

«Utvandrere». Malt i Vågå i 1903. Av Gustav Wentzel My work within the local and international guild, will be to dedicate my time to promote traditional Norwegian handicraft. To enhance and to elevate traditional Norwegian craftsmanship and to facilitate and to pass on these hand craft skills, while sharing the joy of making in fellowship. I will also welcome, host, and be a contact person for all English speaking visitors, travelling to Norway, to participate in the 200 year immigration, celebratory events happening at the Bygdemuseum within the Klæbu/Selbusjøen/Trøndelag region. Just one of the many stops along on the celebration itinerary! The main task of the international guild is to ensure that the rich, cultural heritage of Norway is kept safe, is preserved, and continues to develop - worldwide. Specifically for the many sons and daughters of Norway. Through courses, workshops, historic presentations, guest speakers, monthly gatherings and in depth discussions - practical hand craft skills and traditional culture will be kept alive. These activities will further build traditional community, enhance personal creativity, learning, skill development, reflection, and social connection. There will be a specific focus on red listed or endangered crafts and sustainable mending. The current Husflid focus area. Traditional crafts have been passed down through generations in Norway, but today many craft skills are in danger of being lost, with fewer certified and in home, practitioners As a participant in this nationwide voluntary effort, my work is to research, restore, document, register, and to facilitate explorations in as many local craft skills and techniques as possible.

This specific focus of my work, helps to preserve and to further this valuable knowledge, and these skills, for the future. But it also breathes new life into forgotten crafts through raised awareness. BLI MED! / Join us! International Guild Membership With interest, please accept this invitation to become a monthly member of this special, year-long, international, traditional Norwegian, handwork guild.

During 2024 - we will explore a wide range of traditional Norwegian folk art crafts. From knitting, crocheting, traditional weaving, spinning, needle work, hand stitching, traditional folk costumes, rose painting, wood work --- through to, specific landscape connections - such as natural dyeing, the growing, production, and uses of wool and linen fibres throughout history - just to name a few of the rich cultural explorations and experiences of Norwegian hand work and folk art crafts scheduled to take place throughout the year. As a guild member, you will be supporting the work to further this Norwegian craftsmanship and a living cultural heritage. Your membership will offer you the knowledge and support, to expand and to explore your creativity, within a variety of Norwegian handiwork skills - set within an inspirational and encouraging community. Guild Membership is $28 US dollars per month. Membership includes a specific, traditional Norwegian, monthly hand work and cultural focus. Scheduled meetings/gatherings, ongoing technique support and participation within the guild, Systua or community forum. Outing and guest speaker enhancements throughout the year. Memberships will be set up as automatic, monthly subscription payments. A 10% discount will be offered for subscriptions purchased, in full, for the whole of the year. NB! - Please do note that the 2024 Guild Membership and activities do not include the regularly scheduled - 2024 - Knitography Farm traditional garment course offerings. If you have been a participant in my traditional Småstrikk, mini-course offerings, you have had a taste of the wonderful experiences to come within the 2024 guild membership. Guild registration will open in January 2024! Velkommen! Som vi gleder oss! Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia x

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This sounds interesting, will the meetings/gatherings be recorded so that they can be viewed again after the actual events? It would be nice to be able to watch again to pick up any details missed during the events.


That sounds like a very interessting and wonderful opportunity.

Merry Christmas


So exciting...gratulerer!! 🇳🇴🧶🎉❤️




Patricia, this is wonderful, I'm looking forward to becoming a member and participating! Merry Christmas!

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