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Romjul Workshop Offering – A TRAD Guild Taster Session – The history and making of the traditional Jultråd – the first, handmade, Juleverksted gifts from the late 1800s, in Trøndelag Norway.

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Greetings from the farm! God romjul! In collaboration with the Stjørdal Museum, Trøndelag, I am offering a workshop opportunity to explore the beginnings of the juleverksted tradition and the making of the first julegaver (gifts) on the old Norwegian, village farms - the jultråd (the Christmas threads). The tradition of the jultråd  is one of the oldest approaches to making Christmas gifts in the 1800s within Norway. An awareness of the jultråd tradition can teach us much about societal gatherings, coming together and working in fellowship within the old farm communities – then and now.

Jultråder have a direct connection to knitting, weaving, and mending techniques. As well as, giving us a unique insight into the uses of the left-over wool from the year, or “stash”– as we would call it. And, how this wool stash was taken care of, and used practically to make useful, handmade Christmas gifts. These small, prized, art works were created in large quantities on the farms, before Christmas, using special Norwegian techniques. They were then distributed during romjul – or the peaceful days after Christmas Eve – when people stopped by to visit. Receiving a collection of jultråder during romjul was very desirable. The more jultråder one received, the more acknowledged and respected they were considered within the community.

BLI MED! Join in to make a traditional jultråd! Friday, December 29th – 19:00 (7:00 PM) CET – wintertime                    

World Clock – Oslo, Norway

During the TRAD-Guild, taster, workshop session via Zoom, we will explore how to create jultråder…hear the history, explore the traditional techniques and reveal the practical use of this simple gift. Organize your materials: You will need your leftover Rauma Finullgarn, Gammelserie garn or 3 tråds Strikkegarn. Traditional colour combinations varied, for example: sheep black, natural and 3 shades of grey. Or natural, red, yellow, blue, and green But choose your own colour combinations! Just include one natural colour + 4 complementary, stash colours of your choice. You will need scissors and a tapestry needle, as well. The workshop session is $12 US dollars.

Registration is OPEN and you can register, purchasing your ticket via the Knitography Farm Kofi link below. Please write Romjul Workshop into your purchase message. I will add you into the workshop group, and you will receive log in information in good time before we log in, to make a start.

Velkommen til juleverksted and the fellowship of traditional making!

Warmest regards from the farm, 

Patricia x

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I won't be able to come on Friday either. Is there another way to participate? It sounds interesting!


Miranda shelley
Miranda shelley
Dec 27, 2023

Sadly I can’t make this session will you be able to run it again?

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