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An Update from the Farm + Zoom-mas 2!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Hello everyone!

I do hope your week is going smoothly.

A few updates today from the farm.

Selbu Sock eBOOK - If you are a participant in my Selbu Sock Course, and you are interested in purchasing the eBook, don't forget that the coupon code will expire on Friday, December 4th.

Norwegian Kofte Course - January 23, 2021

The first Kofte Yarn Kit parcels are packed and ready to post.

I am waiting for the second delivery from the mill and will be packing the second round.

I have contacted some of you regarding the original colours, which are being spun and dyed in the next two weeks. All will be well and I am confident that your parcels will arrive in time for the start of the course.

If you are thinking of ordering the Kofte Yarn Kit and taking advantage of the discounted Rauma Finullgarn, please do make your selection soon!

There is a Planning Guide PDF download there to support you.

I have had several questions this week about steeking and if we will be steeking during the course. We will indeed learn the correct Norwegian way of steeking our kofter!

Both kofte are knit back and forth, then joined to knit in the round.

All of the traditional techniques are built into this course.

Knitting Bag Book Course

Saturday, December 5th you can register for my Knitting Bag Book course.

The first session of this course will provide the information needed about setting up your Knitting Bag Book to start the new year!

Towards the end of the course...we will come together on Zoom for more intimate discussions after the lessons.

I will continue to support you and add course content during the year, 2021.

Zoom-mas 2

If possible, please do join us on Sunday for Zoom-mas!

This is the second Sunday in the Norwegian Advent.

In addition to sharing the advent traditions here in Norway, I will be

supporting Selbu Mitten, Selbu Sock and Kofte Course questions!

You can register now on the Zoom-mas tab at the top of the website.

Advanced Selbu Mitten Course

Early in January I will launch the advanced Selbu mitten course.

We will begin late in January or early February!

I will share more information about this advanced course after the holidays.

Selbu Sock Course

We continue to knit our Selbu Socks!

If you have finished your socks please do send your finished object picture to me!

I am collecting all of the photos for a Selbu Sock Parade, which I will make as an event on Instagram! Your photograph is your entry into the Selbu Sock Course prize drawing!

You do not want to miss out! AND! We want to celebrate your accomplishment.

No worries or stress though, just send in your photograph when you are ready.

The parade will not happen for a few more weeks.

Traditional Knitting Course Gifts!

Finally, I have had many questions about sharing one of my Traditional Selbu Courses as a gift this week.

I do not have a gift certificates as such...but I will support you to give one of my Traditional Courses to anyone you would like to gift one to.

Please just email me and I will explain the process!

Also, if you would like to give my eBook or a Yarn Kit...I can help you with that too!

If you have any additional questions or wonders, please do not hesitate to take contact.

Happy to help!

If I have failed to mention something, do let me know!

Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia x

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12 comentários

11 de dez. de 2020

ambarletta - As you have emailed me for support...I have answered you there!


I have registered and paid for the sweater course but have not received any kit information and the order is not showing in my orders. I have the confirmation of payment. Can you help? I also can’t download the planning guide.


09 de dez. de 2020

Hi Patricia! I just want to tell you that I signed up for the first mitten class and the sock class but am just now working through the mitten class as I finally have time! Thank you for allowing the courses to stay open so they can be completed at our leisure, I'm worried that maybe I should go back and take notes of all the great information you've shared so far? In case I can't access in the future?

Thank you for all the wonderful information, I'm very much looking forward to the kofte course coming soon! :)


Susan Mckee-Nugent
Susan Mckee-Nugent
05 de dez. de 2020

Forgot to say I did order the e book but never saw where there was a code. No worries if my order has gone thru without it. Book will be worth it!


Susan Mckee-Nugent
Susan Mckee-Nugent
05 de dez. de 2020

Hello Patricia, I am unable to join the Sunday Zooms, too much going on! I have finished one sock and it is amazing if I do say so myself!! Not sure where to send a picture.

And I am very interested in the advanced mitten course. I'll be waiting :)

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