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August - When history, landscape and tradition meet...

Late summer greetings from the farm.... This month we explore the beautiful history and advanced techniques, not previously shared, behind the traditional Norwegian Trønderkofte

The official kofte of "midt-norge" or central Norway - in the region of Trøndelag.

The traditional centre of this region being the village of Selbu.

This kofte has a unique design and historic T-shape construction, which is unusual for a traditional kofte.

We are connecting the local history and breaking down the unique, advanced techniques,

step by step during the facilitation of this seminar presentation.

I am demonstrating this garment, visually, step by step, using 100% rare, heritage, Norwegian wool, from my own little flock of Grå Trønder sheep - wool which has been raised and grown within the same region and landscape as this garment. Indeed! The Visual Seminar introductory week has already begun! A gentle reminder to all registered participants to check your email for the specific details, link, and password to log into the information and support platform. Although course content is accessible via the Virtual Classroom – all "extra" - bonus content, daily updates/sharings, and support is attained through participation within the Visual Seminar area on the app. Velkommen til August on the farm! Patricia x

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