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Autumn Courses - Bonus! - Traditional Veske - the pocket project continues!

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Greetings from the farm,

For those of you participating within my traditional course offerings this autumn, we will begin with a bonus course, to keep us busy, as we...

  • organise our materials

  • prepare our knitting bag books

  • engage in an introduction of our course projects to ensure the perfect fit

As the first course bonus for autumn, I continue the work within my historic restoration and pocket project.

We will knit and I will demonstrate how to create your own Traditional Norwegian folk costume veske!

To actively engage in this bonus project, you will need -

  • 50 grams of the colour of your choice and 50 grams of natural - Finullgarn wool

  • a small piece of sturdy fabric - such as tightly woven linen or a faux leather - the weight of upholstery fabric (to add structure to the piece) This can be organised once we have the measurments of your piece settled.

  • a veskelås or a purse closure - you will need to source this closure on your own. It does not need to be as elaborate as the photo above. The closure should be 13 to 15 cm in width. This is the traditional standard for this veske.

  • a strong sewing thread

If you wish to embellish your piece you can plan for:

  • glass beads and embroidery thread to compliment your colour of choice

The measurements of the final veske/purse will depend on your purse closure.

This closure should be between 13 and 15 cm in width.

I will guide you to use your purse closure during the bonus course.

Finally, I have been working to modify the pattern to include several options for motifs, including the Selburose from Trøndelag.

In this way, the purse can match your mittens OR the wrist warmer pattern found within the course book.

Within the course, I will facilitate you to make all of these modifications.

You can purchase the course materials within my farm shop using the sponsored

discount code.

The traditional woollen ribbon and that discount offering and sponsorship will come once we get started within the course. I am still working to finalize this offer with the mill.

If you are interested in joining our autumn course offerings and need information about the course materials - the books, the tradtional garment yarn kit, the traditional buttons or the OPEN shop discount for Rauma Finullgarn for this course....please contact me directly.

I will be happy to support you!

knitography @

Registration for autumn courses will OPEN soon!

Velkommen! og GOD HELG!

Warmest regards from the farm,


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I found several on Amazon with different styles and sizes that did not cost much. I was actually surprised at the choices.


Can you give us an idea of the dimensions of the clasp? I know we will certainly all find different clasps but is a coin purse big enough or are we looking for an evening bag size clasp?

Sep 18, 2022
Replying to

Hei! We put this information on the forum...and I failed to post it here. Sorry about that. I will edit.

The frame should be 13 to 15 cm in width....this is the traditional standard for this veske.

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