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Band Weaving - Hand Woven Back Stap Belt Offering from Telemark!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022


Greetings from the farm,

I have had a lovely meeting this morning with the Husflidslag weavers in Telemark.

Most of you know that I will be apprenticing with this group in the autumn.

When they sent me my kit for my summer weaving project assignments, this belt was included.

This is now my favourite back strap belt!

I was also given permission to write a weaving draft and offer a mini course to replicate this belt on the rigid heddle loom for those that had the possiblity to weave their own upcycled belt.

However, for those of you that do not have time or the possiblity to weave your own back strap belt or are searching for a very comfortable and supportive back strap belt - the

Telemark Husflidslag has agreed to weave belts for my band weaving course participants.

Keep in mind that these belts are completely hand woven and hand made, so they are a bit expensive.

The Husflidslag is a non-profit organization.

The sale of their hand made items goes to fund their meetings, the location of their working space and their events which promote Traditional Norwegian Folk Art and Hand work.

The Husflidslag is sort of like our local guild....region by region all over Norway.

Most importantly, this belt will last for a lifetime of back strap weaving!

So if you are interested in purchasing a back strap weaving belt...

You must take your full, lower back waist circumferance measurement in centimeters.

See the photo is your waist, but it supports your lower measure in this area.

Keep in mind that this measurement is just an estimate measurement for them...the band is adjustable to fine tune it for your own weaving.