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Farm Update - God Sommer!

Sommer greetings from the farm og God helg,

Here we are in the midst of another beautiful season. SO many inspirational, creative, and engaging explorations are happening here on the farm, at my residency placement within the local Bygdemuseum, and on the Knitography Farm community platform. So much so, that I completely missed out on my monthly update for the month of June. Following the authentic Norwegian farm wheel of making (and co-op farming/shepherding), together with an in-depth study of historic textiles, has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my nearly 30 year traditional journey. I have been completely drawn in, and the time has just flown away. I am humbled, that so many have enthusiastically joined in, to dig deep and to breathe life into these beautiful archived pieces during spring and summer. WHAT a complete inspiration!

Each new day has brought interest, energy, depth, and true meaning to all of my previous traditional studies. We, together, have found that with each new piece and exploration, there is relevance and connection! We have discovered how perfectly these vintage/historic pieces can fit into our modern, everyday lives. Bringing simple beauty and joy to everyday, mundane, routine household tasks. Not to mention, making special occasions, even more special!

What I can say for sure after several months...all of these pieces, holding space within the archive, are just as lovely today, as they would have been in the early years of the 20th century. So much gratitude to each of you that have helped to make this so. Because of this, I am certain that my final exhibition, in late summer, will be a complete success! Indeed! Knitting, crocheting, mending, band/rigid heddle weaving, and community have filled our days - and before we all know it, summer will slowly give way to autumn breezes and the beginning of another season on the farm wheel. For now, we continue to make the most of our summer studies - which includes the most beautifully woven, traditional Norwegian (and Swedish !!!) and Samisk bånd, together, at all levels! And additionally, this month, among all of the beautiful archive pieces and kurv formulas we will calculate (handmade baskets) -we will finally explore and create the old farm rugs, from the restoration project that I was assigned and began in January 2023. The result of which will now be featured within several exhibition areas at the Oslo Design Fair in late August - early September. They are simply beautiful! I am also pleased to share that during late summer, as we call it, the dates have finally been set by the historic society for my second visual seminar.

I am looking forward to presenting the Trønderkofte (pictured below). A traditional piece, with a unique construction, specifically from my region of Norway.

I will be facilitating this seminar locally, and I also have permission to present it remotely within my virtual classroom. But most exciting of all...this offering will be happening during the

St. Olav Festival Days within Trondheim. A yearly event focused on the history, traditions, and culture of our beautiful city and region. It could not have turned out more perfectly!

Autumn and winter will bring additional traditional offerings, which I am also pleased to have planned, ready to present. Many of you already know that I will be facilitating courses in Selbuvanter - and the

Ingrid kofte.

For now I must finish my co-op farm common holiday work, my freelance translation project with Wiola and the publication of her next book, and prepare for my own short holiday, to recharge and rest with my family. I hope this is a season of rest, relaxation, abundance and creativity for you, too!

God sommer from the farm! Patricia x

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Thank you Patricia for bringing all of these wonderful traditions back to life and passing them on to us. The farm wheel is so interesting and has given me back a real sense of the seasons in my home and made me feel happy and connected to the natural world around us. I can't thank you enough for the joy all of this brings into my life. I think people must be getting sick of me talking about all of the things we do here because I can't stop myself from going on and on ;-P


This year’s småstrikk studies following the farm wheel have been so interesting. These items are filling me and my house with joy. Tusen takk, Patricia and sponsors, for making this year intriguing, educational, fun! Using the app has been so helpful as we all connect with each other during another difficult year which would have been so much worse without our community.


Ency Austin
Ency Austin
Jul 14, 2023

Following the Norwegian farm wheel has been so interesting, rewarding and educational. The spring/summer crochet sessions of making servietter and kluter are magical...I can barely believe I know how to crochet! All the new techniques and the use of beautiful Norwegian linen/cotton yarn has opened up a whole new chapter for me. Patricia, your idea to use the Discord app is brilliant. This has connected all of us in such a big way...I cannot imagine being without my new friends. This is definitely life changing and I am so grateful. Tusen takk! 🌺

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