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Farm Updates + Spring Course Information + Gentle Reminders

Greetings from the farm,

We continue preparations for our upcoming spring - påske genser course - focusing on

the genser techniques within the visual seminar offering, finalizing our pattern choices and organising our materials.

A few reminders, as you make your plans and preparations + MAL news.

You will be sharing your final genser choice during registration later this week.

I will also ask you to answer a few additional questions which will help me to sort you into your garment construction groupings, and support me in planning individualized support.

I will post and open registration here on the blog later this week.

Keep in mind that our sponsored, course discount ends on Friday, February 19th.

This includes, Rauma Finullgarn + Rauma Strikkegarn.

Permission has also been given to use the discount code for the Ingrid kofte in the original colours or within your own colour palatte.

However, if you are adjusting the colours, please do leave information within a comment of note.

Soon you will have the possibility to purchase access to the Ingrid kofte pattern.

I have collected the names of everyone who has shown interest and I will contact you when

the listing is ready.

Our numbers truly matter in accessing this very special pattern at an affordable price point.

Due to the contractual agreements around this pattern, I will not be releasing the pattern in full, until the work with the the English pattern insert is complete.

This insert piece is extremely important as there are many historic techniques and instructions within this pattern, which we have not covered within our previous traditional garment courses - and I need time to highlight specifically.

Rather than answer individually, I will share here that the Ingrid kofte is an intermediate/advanced piece.

If there is interest in a step by step, visual, mini-course specifically focused on this piece, I will ask for and collect that input and begin writting and planning for an offering.

For those of you interested in the original wool for the Favorite genser, I will place the final orders for that wool on Friday.

Please contact me directly to receive information, select colours, and the access to purchase this original wool kit.

We will see how my freelancing work progresses with the mill, with the hope of adding this wool, and the heritage pelsull, into my farm shop permanently, if there is interest.

I am looking forward to sharing the traditions and stories around the start of the påske

(Easter) season and our course.

We have some unique preparations and customs here in Norway.

Sunday is the official start of this season, and in order to prepare, I took my yearly, beautiful, sunny walk into the forest to collect the natural materials used for a special decoration families are preparing to use within the home for Sunday's celebration.

I have shared this before, but when the påske season is on its way, there is a special kind of sunlight - which is only this intense this time of year. It defines the Easter season.

Epic Year Long MAL

A gentle reminder that Sunday, February 26th is our monthly MAL gathering!

Holiday, Charity, MAL Fundraiser - Follow up!

Another special note of thanks to everyone that participated within our charity, holiday MAL, fundraiser during December and January.

It was such fun to celebrate our accomplishment Sunday.

Now I am working through the distribution of the many sponsored MAL prizes!

It will be wonderful, but it will take me a bit of time.

I began contacting participant winners today, to include prizes into parcels of wool that

arrived on the farm this morning.

Enjoy your surprises!

I will continue this along as we receive deliveries.

Both mills are busy milling and expediting shipments, supporting us for our courses!

Which is such fun!

We will not have a community check in tomorrow evening because of behind the scenes work to continue preparations and parcels...but if you have additional wonders or if you are in need of specific support, please contact me directly. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Sheila Newman
Sheila Newman
Feb 14, 2023

I'm so curious about that special light that you described. I also wanted to thank you for the celebration and thinking of us with the prizes. They are just amazing, so please take your time. I hope you get to spend time outside in that beautiful light.

Feb 15, 2023
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