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Farm Updates! Wednesday's Course Check-in Session + Celebratory Reflections!

Greetings from the farm,

It has been a moody, blustery, cold morning here on the mountain. Behind this fog, is usually my view down to Selbu lake. Today there was zero visability on my frosty, morning hike.

Other parts of Norway have received snow...but here we continue to wait in anticipation.

Although it is a busy holiday week for many of you - I want to keep the possibility to check in for support, if needed, in place this week.

But first, I want to celebrate just a few of the finishes and so close finishes happening behind the scenes!

We are very close to several more Advanced Kofte Course finishes, and others of you have made huge progress during the past two weeks! Well done!

I have so enjoyed receiving progress updates and helping to facilitate individual participants with next steps behind the scenes. If you have finished your piece, I hope that you have posted via the hashtag on Instagram, so that everyone can celebrate along with you and be inspired by your beautiful handwork and heirloom piece.

Intermediate Band Weaving participants continue to weave along at their own pace, finishing up their final projects from the summer within this phase of weaving.

Today I would like to share Charlotte's finish!

Absolutely stunning! I was so touched to see the American quarter and the Norwegian kroner, side by side, inserted into her bånd.

Although most likely not her intention - this tells a beautiful story of immigration then and now.

Notice the embroidery, the tassel and the delicate crocheted chain!

GRATULERER CHARLOTTE! What an accomplishment.

There are many unseen challenges and skills woven within this beautiful traditional bånd.

I am so humbled to have followed and facilitated Charlotte's weaving journey from the very beginning at Band #1!

Within our end of the year, project based, weaving course, we are just getting started!

Focusing on the historic significance of hjerter and the connection of hearts to the holiday season (and more) here within Norway.

Behind this beautiful, simplistic, little hjerte bånd that Gaby has woven are many new and exciting warping techniques, just to get us warmed up.

Soon we will move on to the oldest of hjerter - to apply more advanced techniques during the weaving.

Outside of weaving...we work along on our beautiful kofter, votter explorations and now hverdagssokker.

I am looking forward to bringing our baskets full of making and projects, settling into the "old village farm stua" together - if only virtually, within the upcoming MAL.

We have much to share and to explore in fellowship!

Wednesday's Check-in session!

As I mentioned, it is a busy time for many this week, but I will keep the check in session open, as usual, for those of you that might like to pop in for a bit of support to make sure you are all set for those quiet moments of knitting or weaving and for those of you that are not busy with holiday festivities - like me.

I will share a bit more information around the upcoming MAL, the naturally dyeing of our cellulose fabric, and we will discuss the upcoming session to naturally dye the paper you have been collecting for our knitting bag books + reflective journals.

And, why this is a good idea.

I will give you some tips on how to start to prepare and to make some simple handmade paper as an addition to your journal, if you are interested.

I will log in tonight -

Wednesday, November 23rd at 19:00 (7 PM) CET winter time - World Clock - Oslo, Norway

I will send the link and password out about an hour or so before.

You can register your partcipation HERE


Warmest regards from the farm,


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Thank you SO much Patricia. It has truly been an amazing journey, and I wouldn't have done it without you. Immigration was not on my mind when I took that photo, but connection and friendship between people in our two countries. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this!

Gefällt mir

Beautiful bands! Fun weaving basket. I am still plodding on my Project 3 much as I love it. You give me motivation.

Gefällt mir

Sheila Newman
Sheila Newman
23. Nov. 2022


Gefällt mir

23. Nov. 2022

Lovely, lovely bands. Well done, ladies!

Gefällt mir
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