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In the Farm Studio: Traditional Pockets and Woven Bands - Then and Now!

It is terribly important that the "small things forgotten" be remembered.

For in the seemingly little and insignificant things that accumulate to create a lifetime,

the essence of our existence is captured.

We must remember these bits and pieces, and we must use them in new and imaginative ways so that a different appreciation for what life is today, and was in the past, can be achieved.

James Deetz, In Small Things Forgotten

My studies of traditional Norwegian woven bands led me to pockets.

Although the pockets from this time period within Scandinavia, look quite different to their British or Colonial contemporaries, they functioned in the very same purposeful way.

The national archive has several beautiful styles and examples, unique to each maker.

All were tied with simple, colour coordinated, woven bands.