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Intermediate Band Weaving Celebration! - Gratulerer!

WHAT an accomplishment to progress into the intermediate, more complext phase of Traditional Norwegian Band Weaving!

Gratulerer to each participant who has arrived at this stage of historic weaving!

We began our journey with the practical and useful hverdagsbånd and we continue now into the next phase with much the same - the "fri i form" bruksbånd.

These more traditional, elaborate, everyday bruksbånd allow the weaver to experience the freedom to plan, to calculate and to design as one would have actually done on the old village farms in Norway at the turn of the century.

Which takes much thought and engagement to accomplish!

Amidst the traditional beauty, necessity and practicality of each unique piece, hidden messages, prayers and old stories are woven in by the weaver and contained within each woollen thread.

No two bands are exactly alike, and they are signed and bound with protection!

Today I am sharing a sneak peek of inspiration into a small celebration to mark this wonderful occasion and the excitment of the journey forward.

We have finally arrived at the more complex weaving of Traditional Norwegian bånd and some of the oldest weaving drafts contained within the national archive!


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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